Knit Lit

Finished Objects


A Noble Cowl

Autumn Mitered Blanket

Autumn Stripe Scarf

Boy Child Booties

Buck’s Birthday Sockes

Candle Flame Shawl

Evy’s Eyelet Yoke Cardigan

Evy’s Fair Isle Pants

Lady Eleanor

Coco Kiss Socks

March Basic Cardigan

Mother’s Day Socks

Natalya Gloves

Noah’s Modern Baby Blanket

Ryan’s Koolhaas

Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf

Slipped My Mind Scarf

Spring Cardigan #1

Spring Cardigan #2


Twist   (January sweater)

Boss’ I-hope-he-doesn’t-loose-this-one Scarf

Hank the Owl Cardigan  (February sweater)

Henrietta the Owl Cardigan (March sweater)

Liesl Cardigan (April sweater)

Lovage Me  A Buttercup Pullover (May sweater)

Blue Sahara Pullover (June sweater)

Trina Cardigan (July sweater)

Branching Cable Cardigan (August sweater)

Sidecar Jacket (September sweater)

Harry & Ron Socks

Ron Socks

Kerchief in the First

Socks of my Very Own (first toe-up socks)

Toffee Shrug


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