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A New Start

Today was the first work day in 11 years that I didn’t have a job to go to.  If you don’t count that 6 months right after Boy Child was born, it has been 17 years.  That’s right, Friday was my last day at my job.  I won’t go into details, but it was the main reason I haven’t been in this space for awhile.  This job was not the right place for me.  It hasn’t been for 3 years, but I attempted to stick it out.  Once I realized it was taking a tole not only on my family but my health as well, I bailed.


I’m not sure where my path will lead, but I am excited for the journey.  I can’t wait to spend more time with Boy Child before he grows up.  I know I’ll be working a little bit at my LYS.  (I can’t wait to start that one.) I’ll be able to keep the house work under control and growing my sewing and knitting skills.  I want to like to cook, so I also want to use this time to learn to enjoy it.  I want to finally conquer the bread making skill.


I also want to be able to come back and spend more time in this space.  I’ve finished a bunch of projects.  I’ll give you a sneak peak tomorrow.  Also, I’m headed to SAFF on Thursday.  So, even though I don’t have an outside job, I’m busier than ever.



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Love, Socks & Bread

Okay. So I’ve been a bad little knitblogger.  I’m sorry.  It seems like I can’t keep my life organized lately.  All that mental energy needs to be devoted to work.  That is all I can manage.  As penance, I’ll try to catch you guys up on things that have been going on lately.


Do you remember making Valentine’s mail boxes in grade school.  You know, the ones you set on your desk and watched like a hawk hoping that guy would put a card in it?  ‘Cause if he did, you were like “going out.”  Remember?  Well, Boy Child needed to make one for his class’ party, and Hubby decided it would be a great family project.


It was so much fun!  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy making school projects.


I finished Grandmamma’s very first pair of hand knit socks.


I finally took photos of them, and mailed them off.  I received a call from her the other day. She loves them, and I couldn’t be more happy!


I finally broke down and bought myself a bread maker.  I wanted to try all the goodies out, so I made the basic recipe that comes with the instruction book.


It came out well.  Too bad we don’t eat white bread.  My luck since then has not been great.  I’ve made attempted to make whole wheat bread three times.  It did not go so well.  I was so upset I didn’t even take a picture.  I did make cinnamon swirl bread.  Boy child loved it & gobbled up two whole loaves.  Hubby spit his out.  Sigh.  I’m starting to wonder if I made a mistake.  I’m going to give it a couple more tries using recipes from this book.  I’m hoping it is just user error.  I love the smell and taste of fresh baked bread.  I also want to save a few $$ and I like knowing what is going into my food.


Much more to come … later.

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Sorry & Thanks

I’m so sorry I have been away so long.  Apparently, 2010 has had a big effect on me.  I thought surely it would come last year when I turned 30.  Nope.  I flew right by that one without a backward glance.  But, the new year came in while I was sleeping and knocked me upside the head.  Ever since, I have been in thinking mode.  You know, where do I want my life to go from here kind of thoughts.  Once you get in that kind of contemplation, it is hard to keep focused on the really important things like blogging.  I think I’m on the tail end of the major contemplation mode, so hopefully I’ll be back to regularly blogging soon.

Now, for the thanks portion of this post.

Thanks Mom for the creme brulee set.  I made my first batch last Friday.  I will say that I can never buy another dessert at a restaurant now  I know how easy it is to make.  I will say I was intimidated by the torch.  I made Hubby fill it and turn it on the first time.  So, I made up the custard part and took them and the torch up to the office (it was a belated Christmas gift to a co-worker).  I fired up the torch and slowly began to move across the top.  It quickly began to smoke.  Now, this was not too bad, but I was standing directly under the sprinkler system!  I was so sure the water would come rushing down & cause the building to evacuate.  Luckily, everything was okay.  Everyone was impressed that this was my first attempt.  I confess, I was impressed with myself.

Thanks Helen-Joy for the wonderful patterns! They are GREAT! I can’t wait to try them out.

Suzanne, thanks for the wonderful Christmas gifts.  The needle holder is perfect.   Also, your stripe sweater is amazing!  I am so envious of your knitting skills.  Great car, too!  Thanks for the lunch.  Most importantly, thanks for being a great friend.

SG, thanks for being a knitter.  It’s nice to have one in the family.  Nana says you are very talented.  I hope to see some creations soon.

Grandmama, thanks for having small feet.  Your socks are almost done.

Thanks to Hubby and Boy Child.  You were both very generous and thoughtful the past year. Love you!

Thanks pattern companies for finally realizing that people who make their own clothes still want to be fashionable.

Thanks to my group leaders at my church for continuing our classes this semester.  This time we are working on prayer shawls in my knitting group and the second half of the New Testament in my morning class.  I can’t wait to learn about Revelations.

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Merry Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

Twelve yummy tea bags,

Eleven hours baking,

Ten cookie tins,

Nine family visits,

Eight gifty cards,

Seven books to read,

Six leafy buttons,

Five Harry Potters,

Four hand made gifts,

Three rubber duckies,

Two hand knit sweaters,

And a baby who saved us all.

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Friday Fill-ins and Knitting Deadlines

1.    Good times: horseback riding, tickle fights on the couch, stories at bedtime, messes in the kitchen while baking treats, snorkling on the island.

2.    My sanctuary is my home.

3.    Sleigh bells ring incessantly at my house.

4.    People had more respect for other people when I was little.

5.     Once more, there are other people in this world beside you!  Please learn some manners people!

6.    When is this day going to end?

7.    And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finishing up Christmas knitting project 2/5, tomorrow my plans include making Christmas candy and Sunday, I want to finish up Christmas sewing projects 1, 2, 3, & 4!


Most days at work, I can get my actual work knocked out before lunch.  That leaves the remainder of the day to knit, read, balance my checkbook and pay bills.  I admit that I often wish I had more work to do; however, I’m pretty content listening to my audiobooks and knitting.  Now, in keeping whith my luck in the past few months, I am getting a little behind in my knitting/sewing projects.  I’ve realized that Christmas knitting project #5 will not be the original new pattern I was hoping it would be.  Instead, I will just finish up a project that has been put on hold since October. 

That is fine.  It’s okay.  The real problem is that I’ve been counting on all the knitting time I usually have during the day.  This week, I have only been able to knit at home after work, after I make dinner, after I clean up the house, after I get onto Boy Child for not doing homework in a timely fashion, after nagging Boy Child into the shower, after visiting with Hubby.  Needless to say, this has been a very knitting light week, and I’m behind. 

I am scheduled to finish KP #3 tomorrow.  Technically, it is still possible if I do nothing today and tomorrow but knit.  That, however,  is not goinging to happen.  I am looking at 4 huge stacks of papers that I need to go through, organize and file.  Nope.  There will be no knitting today.  Sigh.  I’m sure everything will be okay.  Santa knits, right?

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Friday Fill-in

1.    Wait! Wait, don’t forget you knitting bag or you will have nothing to do while waiting in the parking lot of Toys-R-Us.

2.    Slamming on my breaks followed at once by hitting the horn because yet another person was too busy talking on the cell phone to pay attention to driving is my daily norm.

3.    The trouble is my mind is usually 3 thoughts ahead of my mouth.

4.    It makes me happy that everyone that works with me is many miles away. (It is just me & the other assistant today! Yea!)

5.    With a faint pop, the small bubble of hope bursts that Boy Child will be getting a cell phone for Christmas. (Sorry, baby! You know the rules. No driver’s license = no cell phone.)

6.    Going to work is more often than not shadowy and ominous. (…but not today!)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finishing up the Chinese food & knitting, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the house & sewing Christmas gifts and Sunday, I want to go to church & make good headway on Christmas knitting!

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Thanksgiving Holidays, an Itenerary

Thanksgiving Day

7:30 am – get up and get ready for trip

9:00 am – travel to North Carolina & grandparent’s house. amazed at how well Boy Child travels.

3:30 pm – arrive & visit with family

6:00 pm – dinner – Yum!

8:00 pm – look at Black Friday ads

11:05 pm – Toys-R-Us opens at midnight & decide to go ahead & go to the store in Ashville, NC. leave Boy Child sleeping with Papa B, Nana, Aunt S & Uncle R. (lucky ducks!)

11:45 pm – reach Toys-R-Us and see a line of about 300 people. decide it is not worth it. drive to Toys-R-Us in Greenville, SC (@ 45 min away) thinking that by the time we arrive, there would be no line.


12:30 am – arrive @ Toys-R-Us in Greenville, SC & find a line of 600-700 people.

12:32 am – decide there is no way we are waiting in that line & go off to find the other stores on our list.

12:40 am – find Target. see people already lined up even though the store does not open until 5:00 am. astounded that people have set up tents in front of store. leave immediately.

12:50 am – go back to Toys-R-Us to check out the line. decide to wait in the car where it is warm. amazed by the orderly people who live in Greenville. ponder that there would be no way on Earth that this type of orderliness would happen in Birmingham. watch in fascination at both the store employees & customers.

3:00 am – make it inside store.

3:15 am – realize there is a second line to electronics, right where we need to be.

4:30 am – finally find & purchase Christmas gifts

4:50 am – arrive back @ Target. line is longer, but does not rival Toys-R-Us.

4:55 am – decided to go next door to Academy Sports first.

5:10 am – realize Academy does not have it all together in the staffing department. go back to Target.

5:15 am –  get into store & find our gifts. debate whether we want to stand in the checkout line which extends all the way from the front of the store and winds around the back of the store. discover people working in jewelry. cut our check out waiting time by about 1 1/2 hours.

5:45 am –  go back to Academy. realize they still don’t have it together.

5:50 am – decide to skip other stores on our list. exhaustion setting in.

6:00 am – grab breakfast before driving back.

6:30 am – head back to grandparent’s house.

7:30 am – fall into bed.

2:00 pm– wake up. get dressed. still sleepy.

3:00 pm – have lunch/dinner. more shopping. hit LYS & bought gorgeous lace yarn in autumn reds, greens and golds.

some time after that, visit with the family. watch a movie. go to bed late. (It’s all a little blurry.)


10:30 am – wake up.

11:15 am –  have lunch. more shopping. pick up Hubby his present (he needed to try on first). have milk shakes.

3:00 pm – pack up stuff. drive to aunt’s house. visit with family. Boy Child goes fishing in the pond. have dinner with family. try to convince Boy Child the pork roast is really turkey. fail. aunt pulls out left over turkey for him to eat.

7:00 pm – roast marshmallows over a bon fire. Boy Child has more fun throwing things into fire that making s’mores.

8:00 pm – drive home.


12:00 am – arrive home. fall into bed asleep while Hubby unpacks car. (Sorry for sticking you with all the work, baby. You are a good man.)

9:00 am – wake up. put up & decorate Christmas tree. put up remaining decorations. impressed by Boy Child’s initiative in putting up decorations. clean house. do laundry. watch tv. go to Hancock Fabrics & pick up $1 patterns. go grocery shopping. have dinner. laugh & general merriment with Hubby & Boy Child.

9:00 pm – put Boy Child to bed

fall asleep some time, can’t really remember.


7:45 am – drop off Boy Child @ school. forget how awful it is to drive car pool in the rain.

8:30 am – reminded about the sheer amount of work that waits for me after a holiday. work like a fool.

12:30 pm – go to Panera Bread for Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. am calmed by the meal & time away from work.

1:30 pm – contemplate not going back to work. go back anyway. work some more.

4:45 pm – awsome friend (that’s you Suzanne) picks up a knitting book for me that is on sale @ her LYS. am cheered.

5:00 pm – leave work. think about going to the grocery store for forgotten items. decide I’m too tired. go home. laugh with Hubby. watch tv.  finish Christmas knit on time. start another project. hope that the big project that’s almost finished but can’t travel with gets done soon. according to my schedule, it’s late.

11:00 pm – finally go to bed after all the caffeine that kept me awake all day has finally run its course.

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Happy Lists

I have always believed that most often, emotions are a choice.  I think you choose how you react to any given situation.  Yes, yes, I know there are times when we all react without thinking.  However, I will argue that you can change that initial reaction if you really, really want.  It’s  a habit.  You just need to want it bad enough to make the change.  People who quit smoking learn to live without the cigarettes.  I contend that we I can learn to react to stressful situations in a calm and thoughtful manner.

There has been entirely too much negativity in my life lately.  I take responsibility for this. (Note: I do not take responsibility for all the people and their stupid, mean, spiteful behavior.)  I take responsibility for my negative behavior in reacting to people and situations.  Last night, after a very stressful and frustrating day,  I decided that I don’t have very much time with my family; and I refuse to taint that time with a bad attitude.  I strapped on my running shoes and hopped on the treadmill.  I told myself that when I was done, I was not going to be angry anymore.  And, I wasn’t.  I liked how I was able to push all of it aside.

Today, I got to thinking.  I want to be better at seeing the good and beautiful things before I see the bad and negative.  So, in that spirit, I want to share some of the beautiful and happy things I’ve seen today.

  • A friend’s laugh at lunch.
  • The yellow and green tree reflected in my office building’s windows.
  • The shadow of a cloud on the hills.
  • A quick rainbow that appears in the water splashing up from the road as the car in front of me drives through a puddle.
  • The golden leaves that swirl around as the wind blows.
  • iPod Touch – ’nuff said.
  • Internet shopping.
  • Fuji Apple Chicken Salad.
  • Friends on dvd.
  • The theme song to Scrubs.


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    Rhinebeck, Part 3

    Part 1

    Part 2


    Sunday was soooo much better than Saturday! I’m not sure if it was the weather or the normal course of things, but there was hardly anyone there!


    After we were finished, we went to eat downtown.


    We walked around and found this cool paper store.


    We also found the Beekman Arms, where we will probably be staying next year.  The Quality Inn was B.A.D.  Take a look:


    Those are the keys to all the rooms we were shuffled into during our 3 night stay.   We checked into room 219 Friday night.  After we had unpacked our clothes and gotten ready for bed, Mrs S discovered there was no hot water in the sink.  After several minutes of running, it still felt like ice.  Deciding this was not too terrible a problem, we decided to use the tub instead.  It was then we discovered the tub did not drain – at all.  There was 2″ of standing water.  Needless to say, we had to move.  The front desk quickly brought us the keys to room 210. 

    We stayed in room 210 Friday night and Saturday night.  Though, the shower was a little on the chilly side.  Sunday morning, Mom was in the shower and the water completely shut off!  I called the front desk and asked that they check our room.  When we returned from the festival Sunday evening, we got a call from the front desk.  They said our toilet was leaking into the room below us.  They said we needed to move to another room.  Now, this was not such a big deal; however, they did not offer to compensate us for all the trouble.  We had to ask.  They acted like it was no big deal.

    Once again, we moved.  Now in room 212, we began unpacking, again.  The room felt very chilly and a little loud.  After a few minutes, I asked if the window was open.  Mom & Mrs S thought  not, but I asked them to check anyway.  Sure enough, not only was the window open, the latch was broken and would not close.  Now, the temp was dipping into the 30s, and we were only on the 2nd story. 

    We finally ended up in room 213 late Sunday night.  Yes, they finally did compensate us; however, I think next year a B&B is in our itinerary.  There is no way I will risk another experience like this one again.

    Tomorrow: WEBS and stash addition




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    Rhinebeck, Part 2

    Part 1

    So, we all went to bed Friday night and woke up early to go to the festival.  Luckily, we got lost and ended up coming in the back way, missing out on the long line to get in the gate, and grabbing an absurdly close parking space. 


    Having read experiences on Ravelry, we made our way quickly to The Fold’s booth. 


    Yes, there was already a line at 9:15 am! (The gates opened at 9:00 am) However, we didn’t let this stop us!


    We got Socks that Rock!

     Suzanne The Fold

    Heather The Fold

    I can’t wait to work with it!  If it knits up half as good as it looks, I think this is my new addiction!


    We saw all kinds of cuties.


    We watched as a little baby sheep was sold for $975!


    After several hours of shopping, we got stamped and went to the car for lunch and to drop off bags.


    It was at that point that we really saw how big this event really is.  I’m not sure I ever saw the end of the cars!


    Once back in the gates, I ran into all the people who came in those cars.  It is well documented my issues with personal space.  I thought the wool fumes would help me out, but sadly, they didn’t.  There were people everywhere!  Several times I had to put myself in “time-out” so I did not hurt anybody.  Mom & Mrs. S continued to shop and all was good. 


    For some reason, fall leaves are very soothing to me.  So, needless to say, I made it most of the day with my temper still intact.  However, excitement had me sleeping poorly for 2 days, and I hit the wall hard around 3:30 Saturday afternoon.  We went back to the hotel, and I crashed (face down on the bed) for about 3 hours. 

    Once I joined the land of the living, we ordered pizza and hung out in our room.  I taught Mom Magic Loop, and she started on her very own Podster Gloves with some yarn & needles she picked up at the festival.

    Tomorrow: Day 2 at the festival & the city of Rhinebeck

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