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It has been a few days since my declaration of wanting to look for and pursue happier thoughts. ‘Cause you know, I live in my head most of the time; and I can say with complete certainty, I don’t want to live with such a Crabby McCrabby Pants.  I’ve been consciously trying to see the good things (big and small) and trying to catch myself when I have negative thoughts.

I’ve noticed a few things in this little exploration.  When I start my day off in prayer, I have I good day.  When I hit my snooze button 5 times before jumping out of bed and speeding off to work without my prayer time, I have a really, really bad day. Now, I know rushing could be the cause, but I’m convinced it is the praying thing.  When you spend 30 minutes first being thankful for all you have (including the job you really hate, but are grateful for because it keeps you in yarn) and then praying for all the people who are having tough times with death, illness and job loss; the tacky co-worker who takes personal time off at the most inconvenient times without asking if you had plans and leaves you with a mountain of her work to finish up on top of your own doesn’t seem too terribly important.  See! Crabby McCrabby Pants!  Sigh.

Mostly I’m doing okay with things.  I’ve really fallen out of the habit of writing about what I’m experiencing, so forgive me while I get back into the groove of things.  So, here are a few good things in a really frustrating/bad day:

  • I heard about this video this morning.  It made me smile.
  • I made it to work on time even though I hit the snooze button 6 times.
  • Whole Foods Strawberry Shortcake
  • Project Runway starts tonight! Yea!


July 29, 2010 - Posted by | Blessings, Faith


  1. LOVE that video!

    Comment by suzanne | August 3, 2010

  2. right on and good to see you back at it.

    Comment by PapaBuck | August 5, 2010

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