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I try to keep this blog light and fun.  I like to share knitting and sewing projects with the Internets.  I even throw in an amusing anecdote from time to time. Today, I feel the need to rant a little.  Apparently, New York has voted against a bill legalizing same sex marriage.  It is a hot topic and a big deal to a good many people.  Now, being a Christian, I personally believe that marriage is a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. 

However, having said that, I also think that people are entitled to their own beliefs.  I do not think that everyone has to agree with me.  I also know that we, as human beings, need to find a way to live together.  It is a very difficult thing to have people with totally different view points try to agree on anything.  I also don’t think that members of the gay community are any less than I am, just like I don’t think that people of different nationalities or races are any better or less than me.

The thing that really has me hot and bothered is the statement, “It is not fair to allow a majority to make the rules for a minority.”  I ask all of you that believe that statement, “How should it be decided?”  Seriously, how? Should the minority decide for the majority? Nope.  Your whole argument is that one group should not make laws and rules for other people.  So, what?  Do we just let everyone do what they want?  No? Well, how do we make rules then?  Which ideas should be laws?  There will always be someone who disagrees.  They then become the minority.  You just said that the majority should not make rules for the minority.  So, how do we make rules, then, if there is always a minority? 

Pedophiles think that what they are doing is okay.  Gangs think it is okay to shoot/kill/maime members of other gangs.  Many men believe that women are property and are subject to their husband’s ultimate authority.   Should we let them do what they want?  ‘Cause right now, in these situations, the majority has decided that the act of a minority is wrong; and their acts should be outlawed.  Why is that any different from the majority of New York state deciding that same sex marriage should not be legal? 

And before anyone points out that the same sex marriage issue is different, let me point out that I am not discussing the validity of one issue over another. I am discussing the argument that because a person is in the minority, they suddenly have the right to take offense that the majority disagrees with them.  I assure you that if the vote had gone differently, and the bill had passed, these same people (pro same sex marriage) would not be making that statement.  I also think that if the opposing group had said the majority should not make decisions for the minority, they would be criticized up and down as bigots.

Right or wrong. There will always be a majority and a minority on any issue.  The truth of the matter is that unless we want to have a dictator running our country lives, the majority will always make rules for the minority.  There is no other way to have any semblance of order.  The key is to find a place where you are in the majority rather than the minority on issues you find most important.  I, myself, could never live in California or Massachusetts. My personal beliefs would never allow me to live in such liberal states.  I also don’t expect someone with very liberal leanings to be happy in the deep south.  I think when you live in a community where people, in general, have the same beliefs, you will be happier. 

That’s all I have to say about that.


December 3, 2009 - Posted by | Election/Politics, Events, Gripes

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  1. You go girl! AMEN!

    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | December 3, 2009

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