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I have always believed that most often, emotions are a choice.  I think you choose how you react to any given situation.  Yes, yes, I know there are times when we all react without thinking.  However, I will argue that you can change that initial reaction if you really, really want.  It’s  a habit.  You just need to want it bad enough to make the change.  People who quit smoking learn to live without the cigarettes.  I contend that we I can learn to react to stressful situations in a calm and thoughtful manner.

There has been entirely too much negativity in my life lately.  I take responsibility for this. (Note: I do not take responsibility for all the people and their stupid, mean, spiteful behavior.)  I take responsibility for my negative behavior in reacting to people and situations.  Last night, after a very stressful and frustrating day,  I decided that I don’t have very much time with my family; and I refuse to taint that time with a bad attitude.  I strapped on my running shoes and hopped on the treadmill.  I told myself that when I was done, I was not going to be angry anymore.  And, I wasn’t.  I liked how I was able to push all of it aside.

Today, I got to thinking.  I want to be better at seeing the good and beautiful things before I see the bad and negative.  So, in that spirit, I want to share some of the beautiful and happy things I’ve seen today.

  • A friend’s laugh at lunch.
  • The yellow and green tree reflected in my office building’s windows.
  • The shadow of a cloud on the hills.
  • A quick rainbow that appears in the water splashing up from the road as the car in front of me drives through a puddle.
  • The golden leaves that swirl around as the wind blows.
  • iPod Touch – ’nuff said.
  • Internet shopping.
  • Fuji Apple Chicken Salad.
  • Friends on dvd.
  • The theme song to Scrubs.



    November 11, 2009 - Posted by | Blessings, Family, Gripes, Random


    1. I like your list. :-) Sending you calming, happy vibes as I type this.

      Comment by Bubblesknits | November 12, 2009

    2. Smile on mom’s face as she reads about smiles on her baby’s face.

      Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | November 13, 2009

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