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I finally have a finished project to show!

2009-10-07 Autumn Cardigan 1

When I started, I named this one the Autumn Leaves Cardigan because the beautiful copper color reminded me of the leaves that magically appear in the fall.  Little did I know that it would fulfill its name.  You see, I dearly love autumn.  Here in the South, autumn often brings sweet relief from oppressive heat.  It also brings the aforementioned leaves.  I look forward to this time of year constantly.  It always, always seems to take forever to get here.  Like kids long for summer vacation, I long for fall.  I longed for this one to be done.

2009-10-07 Autumn Cardigan 2

I even got to use my cute little fabric buttons!

100_0629 100_0627

I used Wendy Bernard’s Pink pattern (Ravelry link).  I wanted a v-neck cardigan, so I worked until the pattern said to join for working in the round, only I didn’t join.  I also did not work the decreases for the arms.  I always wish I had more room in the arms.  Now that I’m done, I find it is a little too much room.  I also worked turn hems instead of ribbing.  In hindsight, I should have done the same with the button bands.  I think it may be a little short, but I’m sure it will be okay with jeans.

I was worried a little about this yarn.  Most of the comments I’ve read say that Swish Worsted is not truly a superwash wool.  Based on this, I threw it in the sink, rolled it in my blocking towels and threw it on the blocking boards.  I noticed that it was stretching under the weight of the water.  Since I wanted it to be form fitting, I decided to take a chance and threw it in the dryer on low.  It worked like a charm!  It did fuzz up a little, but it became so much softer.

I planned on this being the only sweater I was going to take with me to Rhinebeck, but now I’m not sure I like it enough to take with me.  I’ve started a new sweater, Lucy in the Sky.  I’m hoping I can finish it before we leave.  Keep your fingers crossed!


October 7, 2009 - Posted by | Finished, Knitting, Yarn


  1. HOW CUTE IS THIS SWEATER?!!!!! The buttons are PERFECT!!! It will look wonderful on you and especially with jeans. New sweater? This calls for majic! FLY fingers FLY! I command you!!!! LOL!!!

    Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | October 8, 2009

  2. PS I just looked up Lucy in the Sky on Ravelry. I really really like the pattern on the body. But, OMG…..pattern PLUS finishing in 7 days! Extra fairy dusk is needed! FLY FINGERS FLY!!!!!

    Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | October 8, 2009

  3. Gorgeous! Have I mentioned lately how much I love those buttons? :-)

    Comment by Bubblesknits | October 10, 2009

  4. Ok you are back begin blogging.

    Comment by Papa Buck | October 20, 2009

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