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No longer passively knitting

Gauge and I have always had a passive relationship.  I ignored it and it usually ignored me.   Well, like a two year old with nothing to do, gauge decided to get my attention in a very big way.  I’ve mentioned that my July sweater project wasn’t working out for me, so out came the ball winder.  Woosh! No more Ursa sweater and only a handful of days in July remaining.   I thought I would compensate the lack of July days by whipping up a good chunky knit.  Now, being a not-thin-girl, I chose a project that would work as a jacket.  Having no fear of gauge, I cast on and knit away for days.  Days I tell you!

I will admit I have been flying in the face of gauge for years.  I do have my reasons however.  One, I have no qualmsabout frogging my projects.  If it doesn’t work out, so be it.  Second, I tend to have a loose gauge and a warped sense that my body is smaller than it really is.  Combined, this usually gives me a wearable knit.  Last night, though, last night gauge wanted a little time with me.  I was whipping along with London Calling.  Everything was going smoothly.  I finished up the yoke increases and had joined the body and was speeding down.  As I neared what I thought would be a good point to measure length, I putt my stitches on waste yarn and tried my new coat on.  OMG!  This thing was HUGE!  I’m not talking it-will-fit-nicely-over-clothes big.  I’m talking I can wrap the fronts completely across and still have huge amounts of fabric bunching in the back. 

I do admit that I was knitting up one size; however, it was only 4″ above my true measurements.   I pulled it off and decided to check my gauge.  Sigh.  I was knitting 11.5 sts per 4″.  The pattern called for 15 sts per 4″. Sigh x 2.  This coat was like 17″ bigger than my actual body measurements.  Needless to say, it is in the pile to be frogged right quick.  I think I may have to save London Calling for another yarn.  I liked how my yarn was knitting up on my needles.  Now, I just have to spend some time on Ravelry to find a project that will knit up in my gauge.  I really feel like tauting gauge now for the “punishment” of having to spend time looking at knitting, but I’m secretly afraid what would happen.


August 4, 2009 - Posted by | Knitting, Yarn

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  1. Ooch. Sounds like some of the “lessons” gauge has taught me a few times. And like a two year old, I still don’t listen. LOL!

    Comment by Bubblesknits | August 4, 2009

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