Knit Lit


  • Parents, grandparents, siblings coming into town for Boy Child’s 10th birthday
  • Cleaning entire house for the visit
  • Grocery shopping for the visit
  • Buying present for Boy Child
  • Knitting for Rhinebeck trip
  • Hubby graduating next week
  • Shopping for a suitable dress
  • Not finding a dress that fits
  • Hating department stores for finding the exact lighting and color combo that makes women feel like they are the ugliest creatures on Earth
  • Knowing this is not true, but feeling it anyway
  • Leaving 10 different stores in one week without a dress
  • Plan to sew own dress instead
  • Buy beautiful linen fabric and pattern
  • Realize I have 5 people coming to stay at the house this weekend + 5 more to visit + a party with a minimum of 20-30 people attending = no time to sew
  • Realize I need to sew dress before this weekend
  • Realize this all takes place AFTER 8 hours of frustration at work
  • Wonder what what my boys will do when I have a complete breakdown
  • Wish you all a happy Tuesday

July 21, 2009 - Posted by | Birthday, Boy Child, Events, Fabric, Family, Gripes, Knitting, Random, Sewing, Work

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  1. take a breath and scream at the top of your lungs, works for me.

    Comment by Buck | July 22, 2009

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