Knit Lit


1.    The parents were in town this weekend.  It was the perfect opportunity to get photos of Papa Buck’s socks.  I have a very bad habit of gifting knits without documenting them.  So, I’m playing catch up.

2009-06-15 birthday socks 2007

Birthday socks 2007

2009-06-15 Christmas socks 2007

Christmas socks 2007

2009-06-15 birthday socks 2008

Birthday socks 2008

2.    Next, I remembered that I never posted a finished photo of the refinished toy box.  I’m using it for sewing storage.

2009-06-15 Sewing Storage

You can see my sewing machine peeking around the corner.  I plan to make use of it while I’m home alone next week.   I want to make the Weekender Tote, a matching Sophia bag, a circular needle holder, coasters for the house, and another smocked summer dress.  Too ambitious?

3.    I just finished the first of the Harry Potter socks (Ron colorway).

2009-06-15 Ron sock 1

I ended up having to rip back a good portion of the heel.  I forgot to toss a measuring tape into my bag, so I ended up making them too long in the foot.  While they are still a bit too large, I think they are really cute.

2009-06-15 Ron sock 2

To my surprise, I was able to finish up the leg at the end of a color repeat.  That means I will be able to match up the stripes. Yea! I might just make my deadline yet.


June 15, 2009 - Posted by | Fabric, Family, Finished, Knitting, Sewing, Stash


  1. Love the socks!!! The Ron socks look like they are fun. When does the new movie come out?
    No that is not over ambitious. If you have the place to yourself, you can stay up all night long sewing!

    Comment by suzanne | June 16, 2009

  2. Oh! The sock turned out SOOOOOOO cute!! Man, that went fast! I can’t wait to see grandson’s. Have fun with the house to yourself!

    Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | June 16, 2009

  3. my feet make the socks look GOOD!

    Comment by Buck | June 16, 2009

  4. Nice socks! Those are some lucky feet. :-)

    Comment by Bubblesknits | June 16, 2009

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