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I’ve been busy, and I have a good bit to show off. 


2009-06-03 Lovage Buttercup


Pattern:  Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier

Yarn:  Berroco Comfort DK

Color: Lovage

Needles: US size 6


I have a couple of notes on this project.  First, it is a great pattern.  It is easy but looks complicated.  Using dk weight yarn, it takes a little longer but makes for a professional looking sweater.  The yarn is supper soft.   And since it is acrylic, it is a perfect yarn for someone who has little tolerance for the heat.  I have not washed it, but the reviews on Ravelry claim that throwing it in the washer and dryer makes it better.

 There are a few problems, however.  I’m sure they are my own not the pattern, but they are still problems.  Even though I tried this on several times during the knitting project, it still came out too large.  The sleeves have a tendency to slip to the side showing my bra straps.  It could be worse; they could fall completely off the shoulder like my last shrug.  There is also a large fabric bulge at the small of my back.  I think if I were to knit it again, I would only make increases in the front.  I know this has more to do with my own body shape.  I’m sure it would be fine for someone who is on the thin side or is more “pear” shaped (vs. my own apple shape).

 Over all, I would recommend this pattern to any knitter, newbie and experienced alike.  I’m fairly sure I will be making another for myself.


Second on my little show off tour is …. (drum roll, please) .… a pair of pants!


2009-06-03 White Pants


That’s right! I sewed my very own pair of pants!  I think it cost me all of $6! That’s right my friend – $6.00!  Again, I took my own measurements.  I matched those measurements to the pattern.  I picked out my size.  I noticed that there is 5” ease in the pattern.  Not wanting them to be too big, I dropped down a whole size.  I carefully ironed my fabric, laid out the pattern and cut the pieces out.  I then, methodically pinned the pieces together and sewed the inside seams.  The pattern then told me to match the marks (3 on the back and 2 in the front) and sew together.  I looked at my pieces and noticed that my marks did not match up.  Since the fabric has no pattern, it is really difficult to differentiate from the “right” and “wrong” sides.  I inadvertently sewed the “right” side to the “wrong” side.  I carefully ripped the seam, repined and restitched only to discover once again I had sewn it the wrong way.  At that point, I did the only thing that was reasonable.  I threw them to the ground and played Scooby Doo. 


After a good time out, I successfully completed the sewing.  I rushed to try them on at which point, I discovered that they were entirely too big!! I turned them inside out and pinned the excess fabric.  I ran a new seam all the way down the outside leg.  I did not want to risk making any adjustments to the inside seams.   I tried them on and they fit like a glove.  Yea!  I put them aside to wear this week.  When I slipped them on again this morning, they were too big, again, not to mention too long.  Apparently my effort to be more conscious of my eating habits has allowed me to slim down a bit.  I think I will get some use out of these though since I put in a drawstring instead of a zipper.  I’ll also have to hem them about 2” shorter.  No biggie.


I think I’m going to hold off on sewing any more clothes until my body catches up with my new eating habits.  I will still be knitting tops.  I can not give up on my knitting.  I still need to knit a garment a month.  I look best in knit tops.  I’m just going to have to knit one size smaller than I think I need.  Maybe I will make a perfect fit eventually.   As for my sewing, take a look at my previous post.  I have bags to make.  I’m also planning on a knitting needle case for my circulars.  I’m finding that I need to start new projects during the day, but I’m usually without the correct size.  If I have them all in one case, I can bring them with me. Yea!  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m about to finish another shrug that will hopefully fit.  Maybe I’ll actually find a real live person to take a photo. Maybe.


June 3, 2009 - Posted by | Fabric, Finished, Knitting, Sewing, Yarn


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! CHECK YOU OUT!!!! Wow I am totally impressed. In a few short weeks you have gone from ribbon top bags to making pants! That is so impressive. Keep up the great work, you are inspiring. I love the buttercup sweater too. I want one now.

    Comment by suzanne | June 4, 2009

  2. DITTO!!! suzanne! OMG!!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!! I really like the sweater and the pants. Mom swelling with pride and grinning ear to ear!!!

    Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | June 4, 2009

  3. Awesome! Great job! :-) Love the top and I’m super impressed with your sewing skillz. See, I have a plan…I’m letting you figure all this stuff out, that way you can teach me. ;-)

    Comment by Bubblesknits | June 4, 2009

  4. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of britches like that for bumming around the house.

    Comment by Buck | June 5, 2009

  5. PS…..knit the next top a lot smaller and the next pair of pants, too. You are shrinking out of those. :o)

    Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | June 5, 2009

  6. WOW! The sweater AND the pants look great! I’m going to have to download this pattern….

    Comment by Tonni | June 5, 2009

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