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You have to be kidding … right?

I must confess that as a child I was not only obsessed with the 30 minute commercials, but I thought they were real TV shows.   I say that to show my expertise in the strange and useless things people come up with.  I’ve seen some pretty stupid things.

2009-06-30 snuggie blanket

The Snuggie


2009-06-30 bump it



2009-06-30 combs

EX Combs

This weekend I saw something that beats them all.  I still can’t wrap my mind around it.


2009-06-30 potty putter 3        2009-06-30 teetime

The Potty Putter

I’m not sure what to say now.  Who would buy this!?!?  Forget that.  Who would think of inventing this?!  Just think of it.  Someone came up with this.  They went to a business person and somehow convinced them to invest in it.  They then found someone to manufacture it, create an ad for it, hired actors to be in the commercial and then paid a television network to air it.  Why!?!?!



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The Boys are back in town

I picked up Boy Child this morning from camp.  It was a double whammy.  It was his first time away from home and the first time at camp.  Poor boy is so tired out he fell asleep before dinner.  Hopefully he will be a little more talkative tomorrow.  Hubby is back, too!  I’m so excited to have them back, though each will be leaving again on Monday. Sigh. Since I need to go spend time with my boys, I’ll leave you with a little photo tease:

2009-06-26 fabric squares

and a Friday Fill-in.

1.   She had a great laugh that made anyone in her presence instantly happy.

2.   A book and my knitting is by my side, always.

3.   I know this: “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

4.   I get angry at other  drivers, still.

5.   These words apply to me: hard-headed, crafty, opinionated.

6.    It was unbearably hot when the sun was shining.

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to spending time with Boy Child and Hubby, tomorrow my plans include working on some sewing and knitting and Sunday, I want to spend more time with my boys before they have to leave again!

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My Day at the Spa

Do you remember those papers you had to write in grade school?  You know, the ones where the teacher asks you to write about what you did last summer.  That is kinda how I feel about this post.  This is my report.

My Day at the Spa

I started the day with breakfast, a banana and a bowl of cereal.  In my quirky makes no sense thinking, I had to shower and make sure I shaved.  I just couldn’t abide the technicians having to touch an unshaven leg.   Call me weird, but I do the same thing when I go to the gyno.  Logically, I know they don’t even notice, but I would not be able to relax if I didn’t.  After getting pretty, I drove to Ross Bridge.  I try not to think about the fact that it is only 10 miles from my house.  It felt like I was a million miles away.

I was checked in and immediately taken into the spa.  Immediately to the right there is a quiet room with a whirl pool.  I always forget to bring my suit, so I have never tried it out.  It is nice to sit and listen to the water.  Straight ahead is the sauna which is screened for privacy.  To the left are the  restrooms and showers.  In that area, they provide all the necessities: combs, hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, deodorant,  feminine products.  Also to the right are the lockers and changing rooms.  Just beyond the locker room is a holding area where you wait for your services.  They provide snacks, water and tea.  In the past, I have not been too impressed with this area.  However, they have much improved.  They had some of the best fresh fruit I have ever eaten.  I am not usually one for fresh raspberries.  I love their taste, however their texture usually keeps me away.  Not yesterday.  They were so juicy and flavorful, I couldn’t get enough!

After a very short wait, I was taken back for my Southern Comfort scrub.  I did not intend for this treatment to necessarily be relaxing.  I felt I needed it.  It ended up being wonderful.  Kristen was my tech.  She and I ended up chatting the entire time.  We discussed making our own beauty products, life and family.  She was great.  I would not hesitate to recommend both the scrub and the tech.  Afterward, I felt light.  You know how you feel when you get in the pool – almost weightless?  That is how I felt afterward.  I know it sounds odd, but that’s exactly how I felt.  Light.  I guess that isn’t too far off.  Kristen said she removed about three layers of dead skin. (Yuck!)  My intention when I booked this treatment was to start fresh and keep it up at home.  Along that line, she says she uses baking soda once a week.  At the end of the shower, sprinkle the soda on skin, rub in circular motions and rinse well.  I’m sure I will use this technique.  I really, really love how my skin feels.

I scheduled in time for lunch.  My plan was to go into the hotel and eat at one of the restaurants.  I ended up ordering lunch through the spa.   From three sandwiches they offered, I chose the BLT.  It came with chips and a fruit cup, and all of it was packaged in a cute little bag.

2009-06-24 Lunch Bag

I thought it was a nice touch.

After more relaxation and reading, I got my very first Hot Stone Massage.  I’ve always wondered about those.  Every time I see an advertisement or  brochure for a spa, there is always a poto of a client with stones on his/her back.  I was curious.  That is why I put it on my list.  Overall the experience was very pleasently medical not indulgent.  To me and indulgence is pure enjoyment, like chocolate cake or an ice cream sundae.  No one can claim that either has any other purpose other than enjoyment.  I look at a Swedish massage as indulgent.  Very rarely does it do anything but make you feel good.  The hot stone massage is more along the lines of a deep tissue massage.  There was slight pain, but the results were worth it.  Afterward, all the tension was released.  I felt loose.  I felt great!  Karen, the tech, used stones to perform a good portion of the massage.  The best way to describe it was a combo of laying on a heating pad and getting a massage.  Mom, you would love it!  I think anyone who has alot of muscle tension due to job stress or athletic endeavors would really benefit from this type of massage.  I think, in the future, I will stick to the Swedish massage.  However, I am not sorry I tried it.  It has been a long time since I have been this loose.  I wish I could afford to get a massage every week.  That would be great.

After slinking back to the waiting room, I headed over for my mani and pedi.  While I’ve never found the experience to be relaxing (I have very ticklish feet), I adore how my hands and feet feel afterward.

2009-06-24 Pedicure

I have always been a little vain about my feet.  I would always have polish on them and never went about with it chipped.  In the past month, I have kinda let them go.  It was nice to have them back looking good.  I think, like with the scrub, I’m going to use this as a jumping off point to get back into the habit of keeping them looking good.

In another attempt to try new things, I spent a little time in the sauna.  I never really understood it before.  I mean, who would purposely sit in a room that makes you sweat.  It seems a little ironic to pay for that priviledge when all you really have to do in Alabama is step outside.  Surprisingly, it was nice.  It was in a way refreshing.  I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

At that point, I decided I was done.  Seven hours of relaxing was my limit.  I took a shower and hit the road.  Before I left, I picked up the best smelling candle I have ever smelled.

2009-06-24 Candle

When Mom and I went to this spa a couple of years ago, they had one burning in the locker room.  I fell in love with it.  Mom gifted me with one that weekend.  I only burn it on special occasions.  With the trail card, I get a 25% discount on all merchandise.  I decided to pick up another one.  Apparently, they have become more popular, because a Google search came up with several sites.  Before, I could only find one or two.  (Mom, here is a site that looks good.)

After leaving the spa, I decided to have dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  I ended up ordering the Cajun Jambalaya Pasta.

2009-06-24 cajun_jambalaya_pasta

I ended up getting mine over rice instead of pasta, and it was wonderful.  Supper yum!  I ended the night with a slice of the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle cheesecake.

2009-06-24 Cheesecake_WhiteChocolateRaspberryTruffle

I think this is my new favorite desert!  There is no words to describe how wonderful this was, so I’m not even going to try.

Overall, it was a really great day.  I’m not sure how all those women of luxury can spend so much time in spas.  While my day went exactly as planned, I can not see myself doing a full day on a regular basis.  Right now, I seem to make it out there once  a year.  That seems like a reasonable schedule for me.  However, I have to confess again that I would go every week for a massage if I could afford it.  For anyone in the area, I highly recommend Ross Bridge Spa if you are looking for a relaxing and indulgent experience.  No one gets in a hurry.  Everyone speaks in hushed tones.  The lights are kept low.  Everything screams relaxation.  I have been in a couple of other spas.  So far, Ross Bridge is the best.

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An Apple a day

Several months ago, one of my bosses bought his daughter a new computer before she left for college.  Along with this computer, she received a brand new iPod.  It replaced her older 3o GB iPod Classic.  My boss has his own mp3 player, so he offered the iPod Classic to me at a very discounted price.  I took him up on it.  Recently, it has been getting stuck and only showing the apple while not being recognized by my computer.  I made an appointment at the Genius Bar at my local store to see what was up.

While we were there, Boy Child showed me the iPod Touch.  Apparently, they have them at his school.  Within 1 minute, he had me hooked.  I wanted one.  The only problem was I had this iPod Classic.  The lady at the GB was able to get it back in shape, sort of.  She said it had an extremely low battery.  The kicker was that it had been on the charger all night.  Hum.  I took the old one home and decided that I would wait until Christmas to see if I still wanted one.

The next couple of days, I listened to it with no problems.  Then, BAM!  It happened again.  I could not get it past the apple start page.  iTunes did not recognize it when it was hooked up.  Sigh. I was bummed, but decided I would still wait.  Then, this week, Target had a special.  When you purchased the iPod Touch, you received a $30 gift card.  Since Boy Child’s birthday is next month, I knew that $30 would be helpful.  Not to mention it was more than the 10% trade in Apple offers. (This is due to very strange sales tax issues where I live.  The math works out, I promise.)  So, in case you haven’t figured it out, I got myself a new toy!

2009-06-22 iPod Touch calendar

I am not sorry I splurged one little bit.  It has everything!  It keeps up with my calendar.  It has a To-Do list, games, movies, contacts, and it hooks up to WiFi.  I was even able to download knitting tools!  I have one app for keeping stitch and row counts on my projects.  It even has an app for calculating yardage needed for various projects.  I know this will be helpful at Rhinebeck!

I know someone will mention that the iPhone has the same features without being limited where internet access goes.  I did consider it.  However, I did not want to pay the extra $30 a month for it.  With Boy Child quickly nearing teen years, we will soon be needing another cell phone.  I just can’t abide my cell phone bill being more than my other utilities combined.  So, I’ll take the Touch.  I’m also aware that  I can download books, but I find the screen too small for reading a book.  I have my Reader for that.

I also researched how the Touch handles jogging/exercise.  I discovered that someone did a rough test.  They dropped it on various surfaces from varying heights, jogged with it, tossed it, ect.  It held up to a huge amount of stress.  Overall, it fills in the technological holes for me.  I am so happy I could burst!

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Right on track

I’ve finished the Ron socks.

2009-06-21 Ron socks 1

I really love the colors in this yarn.

2009-06-21 Ron socks 2

I’m not sure how these are going to wear.  It was a little rough while knitting it up.

2009-06-21 Ron socks 3

I’m going to soak them tonight.  Hopefully they will soften.

I am very happy I started with my own pair.  I learned a very important lesson.  I started the first sock using dpns.  My gauge was 9.5 stitches per inch.  After spending last weekend at my brother’s house, I lost a needle.  It was my first lost in 6 years of knitting.  That is a feat in and of itself.  Anyway, I still have the Rockwell socks on the needles, so I have no spare size 1 needles.  Instead, I switched to a circular and finished using  the Magic Loop method.  It wasn’t until I had turned the heel and was half way up the leg on the second sock that I realized my gauge was different.  Using Magic Loop, I only knit 9 stitches per inch.  Sigh.  I decided to finish it up as is.  I will most likely only wear these inside the house after the movie, and the difference is negligible.

I have taken every possible measurement of Boy Child’s foot, so I hope I will be able to finish his right quick.  I still need to finish my June knit, Blue Sahara.  I’ve finished the neckline.  All that is left is to finish off the arms (I’m going with the sleeveless version, so that will be finished quickly) and the length.  I need to try it on.  I’m not exactly sure where it is  now.  I still have 8 days to meet the deadline.  I’m sure I can do it.

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This weekend the power at our house went out twice for several hours each time.  Even with all the windows, our house was fairly dark due to the massive thunderstorms.  While searching for something to occupy our time, we discovered a Scrabble game that was never opened.   I’ve never played it before, but we decided to give it a try.  At the time, I was not sure how it was going to go.  Hubby is a champion speller.  I read all the time, so my vocabulary is quite extensive; however, I am an awful speller.

We had a practice game, and we immediately became addicted!  I can not believe I’ve never given this game a chance before now!  Oh, my! It is so much fun!  I happened to win the first game.  Thereafter, Hubby has been the champ.  He trounces me every time.  His score exceeds mine anywhere from 40 to 100 points.   It was getting to the point where I didn’t want to play with him anymore.   I was about to resign myself to playing with Boy Child (yes, the 9 year old) just so I could win a game.  Tonight, tonight, I was given a little hope.

It was our second game of the night.  The only reason I was going to endure another defeat was to spend time with Hubby before he leaves for training.  Then it happened!

2009-06-16 bingo word

With my very first word, I got a BINGO.  I used all 7 of my letters for one word!  That is an extra 50 points added to the 12 point word!  I was on fire after that.  We were able to use all but three letters by the end of the game.

2009-06-16 game end

I know I shouldn’t gloat; but like playing pool against him, I’m not sure if I will ever win again.

2009-06-16 score

For my own sake, I need to document this victory.  It will allow me to suffer through other defeats with a little grace and dignity. Maybe.

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1.    The parents were in town this weekend.  It was the perfect opportunity to get photos of Papa Buck’s socks.  I have a very bad habit of gifting knits without documenting them.  So, I’m playing catch up.

2009-06-15 birthday socks 2007

Birthday socks 2007

2009-06-15 Christmas socks 2007

Christmas socks 2007

2009-06-15 birthday socks 2008

Birthday socks 2008

2.    Next, I remembered that I never posted a finished photo of the refinished toy box.  I’m using it for sewing storage.

2009-06-15 Sewing Storage

You can see my sewing machine peeking around the corner.  I plan to make use of it while I’m home alone next week.   I want to make the Weekender Tote, a matching Sophia bag, a circular needle holder, coasters for the house, and another smocked summer dress.  Too ambitious?

3.    I just finished the first of the Harry Potter socks (Ron colorway).

2009-06-15 Ron sock 1

I ended up having to rip back a good portion of the heel.  I forgot to toss a measuring tape into my bag, so I ended up making them too long in the foot.  While they are still a bit too large, I think they are really cute.

2009-06-15 Ron sock 2

To my surprise, I was able to finish up the leg at the end of a color repeat.  That means I will be able to match up the stripes. Yea! I might just make my deadline yet.

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Friday Fill-in

And…here we go!

1.  I grew up thinking I could do anything if I want to bad enough; I still do.

2.  KnitPicks was the last website I was at before coming here.

3.  Why don’t you worry about you and let me worry about me?

4.  Knitting & a good massage helps me relax.

5.  Thanks for the gift card for books, yarn, the spa!

6.  Perfume can be very off-putting.

7.  And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to knitting, tomorrow my plans include going to nephew’s 2nd birthday celebration and Sunday, I want to sew something!



There is nothing else in my life that is even worth mentioning.  It all sounds so grumpy.  I don’t want to be that person.  I dont’ want to be that person who does nothing but complain about everything.  I’ve been that person.  It’s not fun. 


Now, having said that, good grief!  Why does everything have to be so hard?  We had the brilliant idea to get passports.  We did everything correctly.  We filled out the forms.  We got our photos taken.  We got our birth certificates together.  We found time to go the the post office to submit all our paperwork.  We waited in line.  We go to the counter.  First thing I see – no credit cards.  Grr.  So, I pulled out my checkbook.  My application is processed without a hitch.  Next up, Boy Child.  I never thought I would say this; but according to the lady, Boy Child’s head his too small.  Lest you get confused, in his photo, his head is too small.  Sigh.  Not only that, Hubby’s head is too small, too.  Double sigh.


Now, I have to find more time for all of us to go back to the store and have them retake Hubby and Boy Child’s photo.  Then, we have to find a location that is open on Saturday so we can again submit the applications.  Sigh x 3! (maybe ‘oy vey’ works better here. Dunno.)

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Outfit Monday

I finally finished a dress I started a couple of weeks ago.

2009-06-08 Dress 1

I was in Hancock Fabrics looking around, and I saw this fabric.  It was love at first sight!  I bought all they had.  Unfortunately there was only a few yards.  I knew I wanted a cute Boho sundress, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to look like.  While I was surfing the Internets, I came across Heather Ross’ Mendocino Sundress. It looked so easy, I had to give it a try.

2009-06-08 Dress 2

It’s hard to tell in this photo, but it has a smocked top.  It was the first time I have used elastic thread.  It was so much easier than I had anticipated.  Though, I have to admit I was happy when I was done with it.  I also have to mention that Hubby was important to the successful completion of this project.   His help in placing the straps was invaluable.  Thanks Baby!  Oh, the best part …

2009-06-08 Dress Lable

Mrs. S gave me these great labels for all my sewing projects.  Cool, hu?!?!

I also finished a knitted project.

2009-06-08 Shrug 1

Pattern: One Skein Wonder shrug (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Valley Yarns Southwick

Color: Toffee

Needles: US 6

Started: May 27, 2009

Finished: June 3, 2009

2009-06-08 Shrug 2

This patten is supper easy and extremely quick.  This is exactly what I have been searching for in a summer sweater.  There is enough to cover my shoulders for work; however it is light enough to hold up under sweltering Alabama summers.  I give it two thumbs up.  It also helps that it matches my new dress.  I think this will be the outfit for nephew’s 2nd birthday party this weekend. Yea!

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Friday Fill-in at the Spa, not the vegetable crisper *

And…here we go! 


1.   I absolutely adore my home.

2.   My favorite thing for dinner lately has been cereal.

3.   Don’t mess with the big dog! bark! bark! bark!

4.   A nice long walk is the best way to spend the afternoon.

5.   Please, please give me some good news.
6.   When all is said and done, I love my yarn, and I don’t care who knows it.

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to making some serious headway on my Blue Sahara top, tomorrow my plans include setting passport photos taken and picking out ties for Hubby and Sunday, I want to sew one of the incredible bags from my inspiration patterns! 




Way back in March when I had my birthday, Hubby gave me a gift card to this Spa.  According to my 101 in 1,001 list, I need to have an indulgent day including time at the spa.  Also, it says I need to try a hot stone massage.  Today, I made my plans to kill two birds with one day.  I am so excited, I can barely sit still!  I’m not sure I can wait until the end of the month.  Hubby will be out of town for training.  Boy Child will be at sleep-away camp, and I will be at the spa!  Look at my indulgence day:


I start my day with a Southern Comfort Scrub

Smooth and comfortable – that’s how you’ll feel once you restore your skin’s natural glow with this pumice-based exfoliation blended with refreshing geranium and pine essential oils. A hydrating botanical lotion leaves you feeling full of vitality.

 I will then take a break to have lunch.  I’m hoping the restaurant will have the same fried green tomato sandwich with sweet potato fries I had a couple of years ago.  Yum!  I still think about that sandwich. Yum x 2!

After that, I will experience my very first Hot Stone Massage,

Hot Rock therapy involves the use of smooth basalt rocks placed at strategic points of the body or gently used to massage target muscles. Treatment promotes increased blood flow and energy balance. Combined with Hot Rocks and soothing massage to leave you feeling renewed and relaxed.

immediately followed by the “Heeled” pedicure,

Special TLC for overused feet. Your feet will have a life of their own after soaking in a refreshing eucalyptus and tea tree oil bath and a peppermint exfoliating scrub. Your calluses will be gently smoothed away with an intensive 20% lactic acid serum and remedied with a therapy cream. Shins, calves and feet are massaged with a cool mint gel as cuticles are re-hydrated and nails are polished.

and I end with a Simple Pleasures manicure with a paraffin hand dip.

Great googley moogley! I am so blessed!  I have a husband who knows how to pamper me.  I have a job, even though most days it drives me bonkers, that allows me to afford to indulge.  Blessed, I tell you.


* Obscure Jeff Dunham reference.

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