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So, I had to escape the office yesterday.  That is another unpleasant story, so I will leave it alone for now.  I will say that I was tempted to kill my co-workers.  Instead, I got these:

2009-05-14 john b

Claudia Hand Painted – John B

2009-05-14 urban fever

Claudia Hand Painted – Urban Fever

2009-05-14 kpppm814

Koigu KPPPM – P814

We all know that sock yarn does not count as stash, so yeah.  I really want to try out the Claudia Hand Painted.  I haven’t knit with it before, but it is soft and squishy in the hank.  Yum!

I also picked up three new pattern books. (click covers to see patterns)

2009-05-14 Round Pond Cover

2009-05-14 New Harbor Cover

2009-05-14 Heron Island Cover

I’ve been thinking about these books since before Stitches South.  Mrs. S gave me a $20 off punch card, so it was really like buy two get one free!  I was planning on showing all the patterns I want to make, but there were too many.  These books are great!


May 14, 2009 - Posted by | Books, Magazines, Stash, Yarn

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  1. I’m catching up on the blog reading. I’ve been OOT with no computer or internet.

    I loved the Wide Ribbed Hoodie Cardi and the Seed Stitch Cardi. Mother’s Day gifted yarn may be earmarked for one of these. Hummmmmmmm!!!

    Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | May 28, 2009

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