Knit Lit

The one where my knitting hates me

None, I say none of my knitting is working out.

2009-05-13 Shrug

Take the twice knit shrug.  I knit it with the yarn the designer used with the same size needles.  I even knit it a smidgen smaller than I thought was reasonable.  It is STILL too big!  Look at it.  It is falling off my shoulders.  Granted, it fits much better than the one knit our of Touche.  On the up side, I have no problem throwing this sucker in the dryer.  We’ll see how it comes out.  Laundry day is Saturday.

Taking the fact that nothing is working  into consideration, I threw 1 skein of all my summer yarns into a bag with all my circular needles and went to work with the plan of knitting up a bunch of swatches.  This is what I ended up with …

2009-05-13 Kerchief

It is this kerchief.  I used Valley Yarns Goshen yarn.  I ordered a couple of skeins in the last WEBS order.  It looked like a good fiber combo.  I wanted to try it out before I invested in a sweaters worth.  I have to say, I love this yarn so far.  It feels wonderful to knit with.  The fabric is almost perfect.  When I’m back on buying yarn, I will definitely get more.

Oh, the most important thing … my Mother’s Day present from my boys.

2009-05-13 Sewing Station

I have a wonderful new sewing station!  My boys got me a desk so I can keep my sewing machine out all the time.  Because it is downstairs, I won’t bother them when I get on a sewing jag in the middle of the night.  It’s also near the Playstation when I have to put the sewing machine in time out.  I do need to find a better chair.  The one I am using is just a temp until I can find one I like.  Thank you my most precious boys! I love you bunches.


May 13, 2009 - Posted by | Knitting, Sewing, Yarn

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  1. What a GREAT Morther’s Day present. They ARE so precious!!!

    I love the kerchief. That gives me an idea about knitting some headbands. I found one a Ross’s a month or so ago and I love the way it looks and keeps my hair out of my face. I’m going to hunt for a pattern. If not, I’ll just get you to help me make one up this weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

    Comment by Mom (Better Known as Nana) | May 14, 2009

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