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Pretty Impractical v. Practically Lovely

I now subscribe to only two knitting magazines, Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits.  I anticipate each but in totally different ways.  I know that with the exception of 2-3 odd ball patterns, I like and would knit every pattern in IK.   They are equally unique without being too over the top.  I stalk the website often when the publication date nears.  I skulk around Ravelry trying to catch a preview in the new patterns section.  I wait on baited breath for an issue I know will inspire me. 


I feel a little differently about VK.  Lately I feel like the designs are a little off.  Many would only look good on extremely small women.  I find myself saying, “Wow! That is so pretty. Who would wear that in real life?”  It is nice to look in magazines (like Vogue) and see beautiful clothes in very elaborate editorials.  It is like picture books for adults.  There is one key difference.  VK is a knitting pattern magazine.  While many of the knits are beautiful and very fashion forward, who would spend all that time knitting a garment that will be out of style in a couple of months.  Unlike IK, I wait for VK like I wait for a new movie.  I know I will enjoy it while I am looking at it, but in the future, I will only think about it in passing.


Having said all that, I was surprised to find quite a few things I would not mind investing my time in.



I really don’t know why I like this.  The style is not quite to my normal aesthetic, but I do like it.



I like the unusual structure of this one and can see me wearing it with my summer dresses.



I like this one for the same reason, though I believe it is knit in fingering weight yarn.  Knowing me, I will never devote the the time to it.



I just think this one is pretty.



I really want to make this shawl/blanket for myself and half my family.  Having ridden in the car on extended trips in the past month, I think a lightweight blanket for travel is essential.  I think it would be perfect for the plane ride to Rheinbeck in October. 


Last but not least … my favorite:


I did see this one on Ravelry several days ago.  I have been in love ever since.  I want to make this one more than I want to make Swiss Miss cardigan.  Sigh.  I think it has vaulted up to the top of my list.  I will restrain myself and not purchase any yarn for this pattern.   If it is not in my stash, it will have to wait until Stitches South. (Cross my heart!)



PS   I got my order from the WEBS sale today.  I’ll try to get photos up tomorrow with the projects I’m hoping to use them for.


April 7, 2009 - Posted by | Knitting, Magazines, Stash, Yarn

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