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Friday Fill-In & Me on a mission

1.  “In a hole in the ground there lived a beautiful land where yarn grew from trees, was always soft, was free for the taking; the need for swatching was obsolete; and handknits were never lost, unwanted or shrunk in the wash.”

2.  “It don’t fit but that ain’t no matter, you knit it special for me.

3.  “After dark the rain began to fall again, and I was warm and toasty under the handknit afghan.”

4.  “Captain Jack Sparrow was brought from the hold of the Spanish galleon.”

5.  “There was a hand in the darkness, and I warned that it better not move one inch closer to that cashmere if it wanted to remain attached to its owner.”

6.  “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, knitter; and we must not fear frogging when these events occur.”

7.  And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to not being at work, tomorrow my plans include going on a “date” with Hubby and Sunday, I want to clean the house that has been sorely neglected in the past few weeks!




Yestarday, I went to the book store and purchased the new Verena.  Here are just a few examples why:


Flower Garden  (Ravelry Link)




Old-Fashioned Girl    (Ravelry Link)




Swiss Miss    (Ravelry Link)


I am completely obsessed with the last one.  All I can think about is knitting it to wear every single day with all my jersey knit dresses and skirts.  The only problem I forsee is that the recommended yarn is a soy/cotton/bamboo blend.  Oh, and that it calls for 1,936 yards of worsted weight.  Adding in the fact I am an amazon with monkey arms, I think to be on the safe side, I will need 2,200 yards.   Wow! That is a lot of yarn.  I think I’ll be able to swing it if I can order more skeins of yarn I have already in the stash.  I do have that gift card to WEBS. Hummmmm.  I’ll have to check the stash tonight and do a quick swatch.


Booya! The knittng mojo is BACK!


March 27, 2009 - Posted by | 101 in 1001, Birthday, Friday Fill-in, Knitting, Magazines, Stash, Yarn


  1. Just bought Mother-Daughter Knits by Melville & Ledbetter
    Just Ravel it and let me know if you want any patterns.


    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | March 27, 2009

  2. “amazon with monkey arms”…are we related? lol I’m a tad on the short side, but sometimes I think God gave the extra inches to my arms instead of my legs. Works great for reaching out to snag kids, though. lol

    Oooh…I didn’t see that one at Books A Million in Trussville when I went. I did pick up the new Knit ‘N Style, though.

    Comment by Bubblesknits | March 28, 2009

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