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Friday Fill-in #114

And…here we go!


1.   Not getting out of my car and beating on the woman who forced me to find another, farther away parking space because she was too busy getting lint off her pants to shut her door which was blocking the space next to her was my last random act of kindness.

2.   Another place is the place I want to be right now.

3.   I am usually right in matters of the heart.

4.   Coffee, tea or Diet Coke.

5.   I wish a co-worker and I would take separate paths, and that her path would lead far, far away.

6.   Our life reminds me that there is a God who loves us.

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching Sam tell Melinda that he is not her dead husband Jim (those of you who watch Ghost Whisperer know what I’m talking about), tomorrow my plans include house cleaning and Sunday, I want to finally attend my church’s ABBA’s Arms dedication (it was cancelled because of last Sunday’s snow.)!



In knitting news, I started my second owl cardigan (aka Henrietta).  So far she is behaving wonderfully.  She is knitting up fairly quickly, though it seems like she is a bit slower than Hank, and she is a lovely shade of heathered brown.  Since there is nothing but a big blob of nothing to see, I will not bore you with a photo.  Maybe I can finish her up this weekend between cleaning and laundry. 


My real motivation for finishing Henrietta is our spring break trip.  Last night I was gripped with the need, not want – need, to knit this in the lovely green Malabrigo I picked up at Serendipity Needleworks a few weeks ago.  It is the greatest shade of green; and since we will be gone over St. Patrick’s day, it is perfect.  Not to mention, that’s the day after my birthday and will be a great present from me! Yea! (Yes, I give myself birthday presents. I’m weird like that so there.)


Speaking of presents, I have the best husband in the whole wide world!  Since he knew we were going to be away for a week and that I read 10 times more on vacation than I do normally, he gave me a gift certificate to the Sony Bookstore that allowed me to purchase everything on my wish list plus some left over!  I am so excited!  I could not stop smiling all day long.  Just to update yesterday’s post, that was the last time I felt like a kid!  It was great! Thank you my Baby! You are the bestest ever! SMACK!


March 6, 2009 - Posted by | 101 in 1001, Books, Events, Family, Knitting


  1. I feel the same way as your #5, as it pertains to my coworker. She has done nothing since I got to work.ARGHH
    Where are you going on SB? I wish I could come with.hee hee
    Oh I like pics of blobs, they can be inspiring.

    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | March 6, 2009

  2. #7: I guess we all saw that one coming. lol I just want to walk up and smack the writers. They had so many other open story lines that they could have run with, but nooooo…they had to go and do *this*. ::sigh::

    Comment by Bubblesknits | March 6, 2009

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