Knit Lit

The one where I realize I am old



1.   I’m excited about going to Rhinebeck, I’m tired of waiting for October, I want to go right this very minute.

2.   Why do I have all these random thoughts running through my head and not anything that will make me a $1,000,000? (Though the way things are going, a million wouldn’t go very far.)

3.   How does this swatching work, anyway? (According to the Yarn Harlot, it doesn’t.)

4.   Every morning, I put organic handmade products on my skin.

5.   I consider myself lucky because what happens in this life is only a short journey to my real life with my heavenly Father.

6.   One day we’ll see all Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, paying for what is going on in the government right now.

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to checking the Henrietta swatch for gauge, tomorrow my plans include cleaning Boy Child’s room and Sunday, I want to knit without interruption all day long!




I was running errands on my lunch break and saw this vehicle in the parking lot.




Well, this is the likeness of the vehicle – a 1988 Dodge Caravan.  I did not get a photo of the actual van.  It was pouring down rain, and I left my camera at home.  So, imagine this van a little more faded and sections of the faux wood panel missing.  That is the van I saw.  Now that you have an accurate picture of the van, add in the following:


1.    an extremely tall man who resembles Tom Selleck, age early 30s

2.    a very tall woman who resembles Linda Carter (a.k.a Wonder Woman) with blond curly hair, age late 20s

3.    one sarcastic and ill tempered girl, age 9 with a book in her hand

4.    one tall gangly boy, age 7 with too short shorts

5.   one slightly pudgy boy, age 5 who laughs like a little girl


You have that mental picture?  Good! That is what I flashed back to this afternoon.  That was my family 20 years ago.  (Wow! I’m so old!) We went everywhere in that van.  All our family vacations involved travelling by van.  My brothers shared the back bench seat.  I, by the virtue of being the oldest and only girl, declared the short seat in the middle my very own.  Mom would pack lunch/dinner/snacks in a big igloo cooler and place it at the end of my bench, thereby extending my seating.  It gave me such big sister pleasure to force my brothers to ask permission to get something from that cooler.  You know, I was so put upon having to move my feet. ; )


That van and those trips shaped a huge part of my current life.  I declared in high school that I would never drive a van.  To this day, I don’t like them and have no plans on ever owning one.  I still defend my SUV is more car than van.  It seats the same as a car and has doors like a car; therefore it is not a van.  I still carry multiple books on trips to ward against boredom.  Now that I know how to knit, I do that with knitting too.   Though I may not pack a cooler, I still arm myself with more than enough food to last two trips.  Because of an ill-fated trip down the Natchez Trace, I carry water, a flashlight and a blanket in my vehicle.  I also always carry napkins and trash bags.  I now absorb useless info because of trivia games we used to play. (On Gilligan’s Island, what is Skipper’s real name?)  I think I could have discovered a cure for something big like cancer or poverty or why celebrities think anyone cares what their political views are.  Instead, my brain is filled with things that may be interesting at a cocktail party, but are useless in real life. 


The majority of my most vivid childhood memories are connected with that van, even if it is only the vehicle that transported us there:  youngest brother getting car sick on the Blue Ridge Parkway; going to sliding rock; cutting down our own Christmas tree; going to Universal Studios and Sea World; going to both brothers’ soccer tournaments- year after year; Chicken-n-a-Biscuit and eating ice cream off a wooden “spoon”; Mom reading choose your own way books and reading them again and again to see what would have happen; picking blackberries and Mom making blackberry cobbler.  It is good memories when I see this van.  I fear I won’t see it again.  If I do, I know it will always make me smile.


February 27, 2009 - Posted by | Family, Friday Fill-in, Random


  1. No kidding on #3. Seems like every time I’m a good girl and swatch, it all goes downhill from there. lol

    Comment by Bubblesknits | March 2, 2009

  2. Tears in my eyes!!! It’s hard to believe that so many years have passed but yet the memories are still so fresh. Thanks for the second journey down those old familar roads of our life!!!

    Comment by Mom ( Better known as Nana) | March 2, 2009

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