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Wearing denial-colored glasses

It all started innocently enough.  I saw the cutest sweater on another knitter’s blog.  It was a pullover in a lovely heathered grey.  What made it extraordinary was the delicate owls ringing the yoke.  I’m not sure how owls are delicate, but on this sweater, they are.  I read through all the comments raving about how beautiful it was and requesting that she post the pattern.  I added my own request to the mix and began my wait. 


A couple of weeks later, I was touring Ravelry and found that the designer had released the pattern as a free download, though I would have bought the pattern without complaint.  I knew I wanted to convert the pattern to a cardigan, and I did not have any bulky yarn in a color I thought would do it justice.  I did, however, have two beautiful hanks of hand-dyed yarn from Miss Bab’s booth at this year’s SAFF.  It is a subtle shade of copper brown that reminded me of the owl that lives in our back yard.  The only problem was it was listed as a worsted, not a bulky, though the gauge listed matched the one in the pattern. 


Taking on faith that I usually knit the listed gauge, I cast on for my normal size.  I knit along very merrily.  I finished the body.  I finished one sleeve quickly.  I pulled it up my arm to check the length.  Because most of my clothing is cursed with too short arms, I am hyper vigilant on the sleeve lengths of any sweater I knit.  As I was working my hand in, I noticed that I was working a little hard.  I did get the sleeve up my arm, but it was a little snug.  I glossed over this because the yarn was bound to bloom.  I mean, I just had to rip out an entire finished sweater because it grew like the bean stalk!  I was confident that it would be okay. Besides, I only ever wear tank tops or short sleeves under my cardigans anyway.  It will be fine. I cast on and finished the second sleeve Saturday afternoon.


I was looking forward to working on the much anticipated owls, so I slowly and deliberately added all the pieces to the circular needle to begin the yoke.  Now, I’ve never knit a yoke sweater before.  I was concerned about how tight the knitting was at the armholes/sleeves.  I decided that it was my imagination, and things would right themselves quickly.  I was right! The knitting soon fell into the familiar ease of knit and purl.  I happily knit through the cabling for the owls, thinking about what kind of buttons I would use for the eyes. (I had already reuled out the bead idea.  The projects I saw that used beads made me scared of the owls. Shudder.)  I worked the ribbing at the next with a confidence that this was going to be the perfect sweater.  It had only taken me a little over 1 week and had only cost me $25. 


It was at that point that a creepy tingling came over me.  If this project had only cost me $25, that means I only used one skein.  I looked down.  There was a considerable  amount of yarn left.  This one skein, while large (500 yds), still was no where near the 930 yds called for in the pattern.  Oops!  At that point, I was swimming in the river.  I finished up the rib.  I cast off loosely.  I sewed the small hole at the arms.  I diligently wove in all the ends.  I stood up to try on my beautiful sweater … and couldn’t get it over my shoulders.  !@#^$*^@# 


I have moved past denial.  I think.  I have moved on to hoping I can block my way out of this.  I used almost every one of my pins.  I jerked and pulled and hopefully beat this cardigan into submission.  Sigh.  Well, at least I can say I completed my February sweater.  It may not fit me, but it is a completed sweater.  Nope.  It’s too soon.  I can’t look on the bright side yet.  It’s all too close.  Maybe it will see my love for it and block out bigger. 


Meanwhile, I pulled out the Lady February from the basket.  I’m still ashamed that I put this one aside with only the arms to knit.  Maybe, just maybe, I can finish the Lady February in February.  We’ll see.


February 23, 2009 - Posted by | Finished, Knitting, Yarn


  1. AWWWWWWW! That stinks!!!! So, being a novice, I need to know how this went so wrong? I guess that the yarn was not thick enough for the needle size?

    PS Love the owl on the shoulder!!!

    Comment by Mom (Better known as Nana) | February 23, 2009

  2. OH NO! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it blocks out. Crud.

    Comment by Bubblesknits | February 23, 2009

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