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I am falling back on the random list post.  Nothing in my life seems to be going in a straight line, so I’m not sure my blog posts should either.

1.      Magic Loop where have you been all my life?  I think I’m in love with you.  Sure, you make me knit slower than usual, but I only just discovered you a couple of days ago.  I’m sure you will allow my to fly soon.  Right now, you hypnotize me with your ability to eliminate  ladders up my sleeve. 




You know how to treat a knitter right.  It’s like the Christmas morning Santa brought my first bike.  If I could squeal like that little girl, I would.  It’s good to learn something new and to discover that it is not as hard as you thought it would be.  I’m almost to the part where I become chagrined that I did not discover this marvel sooner.  Oh well, maybe I’ll pass right over that stage in my excitement that I may complete an entire sweater in a week.


2.      Redress – According to Franklin (go read his post about it) this is a knitting art instillation at the School of the Art Institute’s Sullivan Galleries.   People can actually go into this exhibit and knit.  That’s right! Knit!  This is  one of those times I wish I was independently wealthy.  I would love to be able to see and participate in something this interesting.  I think I find it so fascinating and compelling for the same reason I was so excited to be a part of Franklin’s 1,000 knitter project.  Somehow, for that one moment, I felt connected to all knitters.  I know Ravelry does this on a daily basis, but it is not the same.  When multiple knitters hold and work with the same yarn and needles, it connects them in a way that just cannot happen over a computer.  That is why handknit gifts are so special.  The the knowing that right now,  Papa Buck could be wearing socks I knit for him makes me smile.  My thoughts, prayers, and love went into those socks.  Now, all those thoughts, prayers and love are with him even when I’m not.  It’s really cool. And really sappy!  Wow! Haven’t gone there in awhile!


3.     Speaking of really neat things.  I found this great idea over on Yarn Miracle’s blog


4.    On my 101 list, I decided I wanted to go a week without meat.  I don’t crave it often, and I would love to be able to save some money on groceries.  As I’ve mentioned before, Mrs. S and I decided to go full out vegan for 1 week.  That week starts Monday.  I’m a little nervous.  I have fall back meals under my belt when I am tired and don’t want to cook.  Usually, that is pizza and cereal.  Both contain milk, so obviouslythat is a no-no when going vegan.  I have soy milk in reserve, but I’ve been told it is sweet.  I’m not sure how I’m going to like it.  I’ve done my planning.  I ran to Whole Foods today and picked up most of my ingredients.  I’m hoping I can talk Boy Child into helping me prepare for the week on Sunday, that way I will not be tempted to cheat.  The only thing I am missing is green tomatoes.  I got it in my head to fix a fried green tomato sandwich with spicy remoulade sauce and sweet potato fries for dinner one night.  Whole Foods had one not so green tomato.  I’m hoping I can pop into another grocery and find 1 or 2 this weekend.  I hope this will end up being fun and jump start my getting back to healthy eating.  At least, that’s what I told my mother when I convinced her to join us. Hee!

5.     I was e-mailed the following article today.  All I can say is … Whoo Hoo! I’m not alone!




February 19, 2009 - Posted by | 101 in 1001, Election/Politics, Events, Knitting, Random


  1. Isn’t magic loop great? :-)

    I like that article.

    Comment by Bubblesknits | February 20, 2009

  2. I like the cold cause I get to wear my toasty socks.

    Comment by Buck | February 23, 2009

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