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Front Twist with a little book on the side

I’m sick.  This is what happens when you live in Alabama.  One day it is warm enough to wear tees and cute little skirts.  The next day it is 17° F outside.  What is even worse is the temperature in my office, cold in the morning, sweltering after lunch.  Because I feel like one of my dpn is jabbing my brain, I really haven’t felt like knitting.  I have made some progress on the fronts of Twist, though.


I’m knitting both sides at once.  While I know it will keep everything even, the yarn is bad to tangle.  I can’t wait until I can wear this one.  It already feels so cozy to knit.  I’m sure it will be just as cozy to wear.

I’ve also been reading this book.   Since I am not familiar with this author, I was not sure I was going to like it.  I did enjoy it, though.  I read it in two days.  I was an easy and fun read.  Either the author is a knitter herself, or she researched yarns and knitting thoroughly.   I do have to say she may have forced the knowledge at times.  The first time she dropped the name of a yarn, I thought it was neat.  I knew exactly what she was talking about.  After awhile, it was a little tiresome.  I also did not enjoy how abruptly she ended the story.  Overall, I would recommend this book to any knitter who likes a good story.


January 22, 2009 - Posted by | Books, Knitting


  1. I’m sorry that you aren’t feeling well. Wish I could kiss it and make it better. I hope you will be able to get the sweater finished in time to actually wear it. The way this crazy weather is going, who knows. PS… the bunny slippers on the Meez. :o) Kisses and HUGS!

    Comment by Mom (better known as Nana) | January 23, 2009

  2. Ugh. I know what you’re talking about with the weather. My sinuses are like a barometer. Hope you get to feeling better!

    Comment by Bubblesknits | January 23, 2009

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