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Global Warming = Cold Wave

I think we all need to do our part to take care of the planet.  I try not to use plastic bags.  Instead, I take my own reusable bags when I go shopping.  I have found alternative methods for my feminine products.  I try to refill my water bottles instead of throwing them away.  I think there is a better way to fuel cars and homes other than fossil fuels; however, until the big companies make the investment of finding a feasible way to implement the new ideas, we are stuck with what we have.  I make my own home cleaning products as well as my own beauty products.  My cosmetics come from a company that uses recyclable material and encourages customers to return empty containers to them for recycling.   I’m moving toward organic food stuffs.  Having said all that, I do not believe in global warming.  I think the planet goes through cycles, just like the moon, women’s reproductive organs and our economy.  I find it more likely that the sun has more influence on our weather than we do.  Case in point, the weather in Alabama right now.


Right now it is 24° F.  According to one meterologist here, it is some of the coldest weather we have seen in six years.  That is not even the low for tonight.  It is supposed to get down to 12° F later.


Look! The wind chill is 16° F in Birmingham.  Again, that is not as low as it is going to get.  We have a wind chill warning in effect, because the wind chill is supposed to go below 0° F tonight.  Now, I know for places like Alaska, that is not a big deal, but this is Alabama, not Alaska!  So, I’ve hunkered down for the night with my knitting and a book on CD.


I’m still working on Twist.  I am enjoying it very much.  It is easy enough to be able to multitask but complicated enough to make me feel like I am producing something special.


I can’t wait to see this one finished.  Cascade 220 softens up the more you knit with it and even more once it is blocked.  I really love the deep gray, too.  It makes me think of London.  I’m not sure why, since I have never been there; but it does. Hopefully everyone else is enjoying this cold night as much as I am.


January 15, 2009 - Posted by | Green, Knitting, Random, Yarn


  1. I liked everything you were saying up until you said you didn’t believe in global warming because it was so cold where you live. My Aunt said something similar. She wasn’t going to listen to the scientists because of our colder winters so how could the atmosphere be getting warmer. The warmer sea tempertures cause more extreme patterns around the world and that’s the danger. Even a small number can mean huge differences in temps. The seas are less then 2 degrees warmer then 100 years ago, but during the last little ice age they were less then 1.5 difference. And you are right, the earth does have it’s cycles, but the amount of carbon humans have put into the air makes the problem so much worst. Just remember that the temps around the world are balanced, so if it’s crazy cold up here, then its nasty hot someplace else. Best.

    Comment by FiberArtCafe | January 16, 2009

  2. While I was a little flippant in my post, my belief that is not based only on the fact that it is just colder where I live. Even the environmental extremests have moved away from the term “global warming” and are now using “climate change.” I believe people, in general, have become irresponsible in taking care of the planet, and that eveyone needs to reevaluate the way they live. However, having said that, I do not believe that humans are the contributing factor of any great climate changes. That is like saying becasue I may have a glass of wine at Christmas or on a special occasion that I am contributing to drunken brawls, car accidents, and the general demoralization of society. I just don’t believe the corrolation is that great.

    Thank you for yor comment, though. I appreciate differing opinions. Wow! What a boring world this would be without them. I will continue to do my part to be less wasteful, and I will encourage those around me to do the same.

    Comment by hallmarkknits | January 16, 2009

  3. On a lighter note, if the color is a rich as it appears in the photo…wow! It looks almost blue. Beautiful. Love the way that it’s knitting up, too.

    Comment by Mom (better known as Nana) | January 16, 2009

  4. My Sweetie has been saying it is cycles all along. I just think it is cold. Your Twist sweater is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! What a delicious shade of gray.

    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | January 17, 2009

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