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Irony thy name is Sweet Pea

I started the Sweet Pea like all my other projects, without swatching.  Usually this works out okay, because I am a process knitter.  When I was about 3/4 finished with the back, I started thinking that it looked a little small.  I measured my gauge.  I frogged the back, and cast on three sizes larger.  According to my stitch gauge, this would yield me the perfect size.  Since my row gauge matched, it seemed like a perfect solution.  So, I knit on happy as a clam.  I would be finishing a whole sweater in under two weeks and in time for a very cold week here in the Deep South.  Yea!

I finished all the knitting.  I put them in the sink to soak.  As I was taking them out of the water, they looked a little big.  No, it is just the weight of the water.  When I blotted out the excess, it will be fine.  I laid the back out to get my pinning on.  Oh. My. Gosh.  The thing is HUGE!  I bet you can guess how big it is.  Yes, it is exactly three sizes bigger.  Sigh.  I guess that is why everyone says you need to wash the swatch, too.  Sigh.  On the bright side, it should not take me as long to make the second one since it will be smaller.


January 11, 2009 - Posted by | Knitting


  1. Oh NO! See, I’m terrified to put my CPH in the water for fear of the same thing happening. I’m terrible about knitting swatches, much less washing them first. lol

    Comment by Bubblesknits | January 12, 2009

  2. WHAT!!!!??????? I really wet misted mine and could barely get the back out to measurements. I knit mine on a 10.5 needles – what size did you use?

    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | January 12, 2009

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