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Hello 2009

I’m not really sure I believe in resolutions.  I think that if someone really wants to change their lives, they don’t wait until the dawn of a new year to make the change.  I think this whole resolution thing is just an excuse to make themselves feel better about something they regret in the past 365 days.  Therefore, I am not making a resolution list.  Since I have found that doing things for the blog is wonderful motivation, I am going to share things I want to work toward this year.  There will be no more pressure on myself.  If I don’t accomplish these things, I’ll just do them next year.  With that disclaimer, here we go:

A.   Try again to only knit for myself this year.  There are a couple of exceptions that apply because they were promised last  year

  1. Finish Boy Child’s sweater
  2. Knit a border for Hubby’s new blanket
  3. Papa Buck’s birthday socks
  4. Papa Buck’s thank-you-for-saving-the-day socks
  5. Ryan’s Christmas hat

B.   Participate in Get Skinny for Stash.  (see new badge on right)  I have only one rule for this new goal.  I’m not going to purchase any yarn, patterns, or knitting pattern books until I loose 10 pounds.  At that time, I can purchase the sweet yummy goodness that is yarn.  Then, there is no more yarn purchasing for another 10 pounds.  It is a win-win for me.  I can loose the 30 pounds I have packed on in the last 3 years, I can knit down my stash, and I will almost double my wardrobe.  Luckily all my knitting will be cardigans that will allow me to continue to wear them when I loose the above mentioned 30 pounds.

C.    Finish up my 101 in 1,001 list.

That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got.  I think I will be able to accomplish it.  Here is good thoughts to all out there who have things to accomplish this year.  I hope it all works out for you.  Happy New Year!


January 1, 2009 - Posted by | Events, Holiday, Random


  1. Love the new badges! I saw the I am one in 1000 and flipped. I can’t figure out how to put in badges and I am curious about the badge itself. Have you heard anything about the project?
    As for my blog, I keep tons of notes about our activities, we have a 3 foot square calendar of life in the fridge. I prefer to be fully planned ahead a month in advance. Yes I am weird.
    Gorgeous mitered blanket!!!!

    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | January 1, 2009

  2. looking forward to the socks.

    Comment by Buck | January 6, 2009

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