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Friday Fill-in #109

And…here we go!


1.   I’d really like to not be here (work) right now.

2.   “Son of a biscuit!” is the word phrase you’d most often hear me say if I stubbed my toe.

3.   Possession is 9/10 of the law, unless you’re at a yarn sale, then all bets are off.

4.   I want to be Captain Jack Sparrow.

5.   Marshmallows and fire go together like good girls and bad boys.

6.   Laundry goes on and on. (It’s the song that never ends. It goes on and on my friends …)

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going to the circus (yea!), tomorrow my plans include laundry, again and Sunday, I want to sew up Twist!


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What are they thinking!?!?!?

I have been really, really bored lately, so I have been spending a goodly amount of time on Ravelry.  After a few days of looking at patterns I want to knit but can’t because of my hold on buying yarn, I decided to take a peak at the discussion boards of mygroups.  By far the most active is “The Bunker.”  During the election, it was the group of McCain/Palin supporters.  While I have been staying away from the news( I can’t stomach the fact that US citizens are now paying for abortions to be preformed all around the world.), my decision to boycott the news was confirmed when I came across a post that listed these facts about the new “stimulus” package that is making the rounds of our government.  (taken from the website of the US House of Representatives Office on Information Resources and the Committee on Appropriations)

Total Cost of Stimulus Legislation: $825 billion

  • How does this compare?

– In 1993, the unemployment was virtually the same as the rate today (around 7%). Yet, President Clinton’s proposed stimulus legislation *only* contained $16 billion in spending

– The total cost of this one piece of legislation is almost as much as the annual discretionary budget for the entire federal government.

  • President-elect Obama has said that his proposed stimulus legislation will create or save 3 million jobs. This means that this legislation will spend about $275,000 per job. The average household income in the U.S. is $42,000 a year.
  • This bill provides enough spending to give every man, woman, and child in America $2,700.
  • This bill will cost each and every household $6,700 in additional debt, paid for by our children and grandchildren.
  • Although this legislation has been billed and described as a transportation and infrastructure investment package, but only three percent ($30 billion) of this package is for road and highway spending.
  • Much of the funding within the proposed stimulus package will go to programs which already have large, unexpended balances. For example, the draft bill provides $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which already has $16 billion on hand. And, this year, Congress has plans to rescind $9 billion in highway funding that the states have not yet used.
  • Deficit spending will not expand the economy. If that were true, then the current $1.2 trillion deficit — the largest in history — would already be rescuing the economy. $800 billion more will not change that.
  • Trade groups state that every $1 billion in highway “stimulus” can be spent creating 34,779 new construction jobs. But Congress must first borrow that $1 billion out of the private sector. The private sector then loses or forgoes roughly the same number of jobs.
  • Japanresponded to a 1990 recession by passing 10 “stimulus” bills over 8 years (building the largest national debt in the industrialized world). Their economy remained stagnant and their per capita income went from the second highest in the world to the tenth highest

Now,  I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but I do have an understanding of mathematics.  Where I come from $6,700 is more than $2,700.  Why? Why would anyone think this makes any sense whatsoever?!?

Edited to correct the misspelling of mathematics because Hubby is a damn weirdo.  However, in my defense, I never claimed I could spell.

What is even more sad is that the bill (which is 675 pages long) is riddled with amendments and such that have nothing to do with the economy.  One is regarding the instillation of a database for our medical records.  When I read that section of the bill, I could not find anything that would allow people to “opt out” of having their records in such a database.  The supporters would say that there is no language that states people are required to participate either, but there is a provision that would limit or eliminate funds for those healthcare providers that do not go along with the program.

I don’t know about you, but my anxiety level has gone up 5 fold since January 20th.

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Life Journal

I’ve always been compelled to journal.  It never lasts, though.  I always end up writing pages and pages of complaints.  It was never fun.  I never got anything out of it, and usually ended up throwing it all away.  My mom gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas.  While looking things over, I came across this book.


It is a very short read.  I finished it in a couple of hours.  However, those hours changed things.  Now, I am able to let go of my need to have a perfect journal.  I concentrate on the funny and positive aspects of what I see and experience.   One of the things Price urges people to do is to sketch and draw.  I never thought it would make a difference, but it does.  I am seeing my day-to-day life differently.  I like it.  I also think that anyone who wants to journal their experiences should read the book.  It’s very simple but very liberating.

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Plop, plop, fizz, fizz

*Cough*Cough*<<sneeze>>*Cough*—{{splitting headache}}

Even though I’ve been too sick to clean house, I have managed to finish and block the fronts on Twist.


Pardon the photos.  I can not find a camera that can photograph this yarn.   All of them come out slightly blurry.  The yarn is actually the color of storm clouds before a huge down pour.  It is great.   Now, I’m going to take 2 more extra strength Tylenol and try to go to sleep.

{{splitting headache}}—*Cough*Cough*<<sneeze>>*Cough*

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Friday Fill-In #108 & Eeeewww!

1.   Oh, I am so tired of the words “Obama” and “African-American”!

First of all, I thought it was not about race. Second of all, if you want to label someone because of the color of their skin, the label needs to be a color. “African-American” is not a color.  Third, if you want to label someone by their ethnic heritage, fine.  As soon as people start defining me as an “English-Irish-Scottish-American-Indian”, I will start calling them “African-American.”  Well, unless they themselves are actually from Africa and are now US citizens like a woman at my church. She can rightfully use that terminology.

2.   Gauge changes, big and little.

3.   During sleep, I talk and sometimes walk.

4.   An elephant; are you kidding me??? (see below! Hee!)

5.   Right now I’d like to be cuddled up on the couch napping with Hubby.

6.   My Sony book reader is my favorite gadget.

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching Monk and Psych, tomorrow my plans include laundry, scrubbing the bathroom and maybe knitting on Twist and Sunday, I want to finish and block the fronts of Twist!



Repeat after me …

       I will not complain about my job.



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Front Twist with a little book on the side

I’m sick.  This is what happens when you live in Alabama.  One day it is warm enough to wear tees and cute little skirts.  The next day it is 17° F outside.  What is even worse is the temperature in my office, cold in the morning, sweltering after lunch.  Because I feel like one of my dpn is jabbing my brain, I really haven’t felt like knitting.  I have made some progress on the fronts of Twist, though.


I’m knitting both sides at once.  While I know it will keep everything even, the yarn is bad to tangle.  I can’t wait until I can wear this one.  It already feels so cozy to knit.  I’m sure it will be just as cozy to wear.

I’ve also been reading this book.   Since I am not familiar with this author, I was not sure I was going to like it.  I did enjoy it, though.  I read it in two days.  I was an easy and fun read.  Either the author is a knitter herself, or she researched yarns and knitting thoroughly.   I do have to say she may have forced the knowledge at times.  The first time she dropped the name of a yarn, I thought it was neat.  I knew exactly what she was talking about.  After awhile, it was a little tiresome.  I also did not enjoy how abruptly she ended the story.  Overall, I would recommend this book to any knitter who likes a good story.

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Vogue Bootie


These are the booties I whipped up for Boy Child.  I wanted to try this pattern out for awhile, because they looked so easy.  They were easy, but like the baby surprise jacket, they did not come out as well as others I’ve seen.  Oh well.  Boy Child seems to like them.

Today, the new Vogue Knitting came.  I quickly flipped through it and immediately put it down.  I couldn’t find much that really stood out.  Don’t get me wrong.  Most were lovely to look at; but for someone who is most always on the warm side, bulky pullovers are not something I get excited about.


This jacket looks like something you could find at Anthropologie while maintaining a classic edge.   I think this might be a possible knit.


This one looks like a fun color project without looking too stoggy.  It’s also a cardigan, which as everyone knows is my prefrence.   Le Sigh.  This always happens when I subscribe to a magazine.

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Blocking Beast

Yes, blocking bit me in the butt. Again!  As I was knitting the back of the Twist, it looked aweful small.  I kept telling myself that I measured a blocked object in the same yarn and needle.  It would be okay.  I would just block it within an inch of its life.  I would rather have a too small cardigan than a too big one, especially if I am planning to loose weight.  However, as soon as the back piece hit the water, BAM!  It was instantly too big! Uugghh!


I squished it down enought that I think it will be okay.  The only bad thing about squishing instead of pulling is it doesn’t end up as smooth.  Oh well, I like it anyway.

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Friday Fill-in #107

1.   Enough with the Obama talk. (I can see this is going to be a long 4 years.)

2.   What I want to do v. what is best for Boy Child causes me to be conflicted. (Boy Child always wins out, but I’m still conflicted.)

3.   I’ve been craving time alone to knit and watch movies.

4.   Hubby makes me laugh, a lot.

5.   I wish I could go to  get a massage next week.

6.   Vacation planning has been on my mind lately.

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to winding up yarn to start Sweet Pea again, tomorrow my plans include knitting on Sweat Pea and Sunday, I want to continue working on the Sweet Pea! (Can you see a theme here?)

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Global Warming = Cold Wave

I think we all need to do our part to take care of the planet.  I try not to use plastic bags.  Instead, I take my own reusable bags when I go shopping.  I have found alternative methods for my feminine products.  I try to refill my water bottles instead of throwing them away.  I think there is a better way to fuel cars and homes other than fossil fuels; however, until the big companies make the investment of finding a feasible way to implement the new ideas, we are stuck with what we have.  I make my own home cleaning products as well as my own beauty products.  My cosmetics come from a company that uses recyclable material and encourages customers to return empty containers to them for recycling.   I’m moving toward organic food stuffs.  Having said all that, I do not believe in global warming.  I think the planet goes through cycles, just like the moon, women’s reproductive organs and our economy.  I find it more likely that the sun has more influence on our weather than we do.  Case in point, the weather in Alabama right now.


Right now it is 24° F.  According to one meterologist here, it is some of the coldest weather we have seen in six years.  That is not even the low for tonight.  It is supposed to get down to 12° F later.


Look! The wind chill is 16° F in Birmingham.  Again, that is not as low as it is going to get.  We have a wind chill warning in effect, because the wind chill is supposed to go below 0° F tonight.  Now, I know for places like Alaska, that is not a big deal, but this is Alabama, not Alaska!  So, I’ve hunkered down for the night with my knitting and a book on CD.


I’m still working on Twist.  I am enjoying it very much.  It is easy enough to be able to multitask but complicated enough to make me feel like I am producing something special.


I can’t wait to see this one finished.  Cascade 220 softens up the more you knit with it and even more once it is blocked.  I really love the deep gray, too.  It makes me think of London.  I’m not sure why, since I have never been there; but it does. Hopefully everyone else is enjoying this cold night as much as I am.

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