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Christmas Recap

I thought it might be best to discuss Christmas 2008 while it is still 2008.  My family came over for Christmas Eve lunch.  We skipped the traditional dinner and had roast. Yum!  We also had the first round of presents.  The parents gave me the yummy yarn seen here.  That book like thing the yarn is on is in fact a book. My book to be precise.  My Mom had every post from my blog in 2008 printed and bound.


Pretty cool, hu?  I will ask that you excuse the haircut.   It has taken almost an entire year to fix that mistake.  Anywho, I have a book.  I’m hoping that like my brother’s yearly Christmas hat, it will become a tradition.  Speaking of the hat, lookie:


Yes, he is wearing the hat.  He and his lovely wife actually wear my hand knit gifts. Again, speaking of hand knit gifts, this is what the mitered squares looked like on Christmas Eve night:


It was slightly terrifying.  Since the gift has been gifted, I will let everyone in on the not so secret, secret … all those squares became a blanket.  I have to confess that I had to give Hubby an uncompleted project.  I was able to sew it all up, but I could not pick up and knit a 6 inch border in one night.  Even I am not that crazy.  It still works, though.  I am also afraid it will have to wait until spring, maybe summer.  Hubby is not giving it up long enough to finish it while it is still cold.  Though this is not the final sew up pattern, it is similar to the final product.


I would pull out the camera; however, it is 11:30 and I am on a deadline.  (see above)  So, now let’s move on to Christmas day.  I did get my book reader, discussed here.  I love it!  I am glad I listened to my first choice and went with the 700 over the 505.  I think this little gadget was made for me.  It is love at first sight.

Santa brought Boy Child his very first laptop.  On top of that, his Nana brought him a 10.2 megapixel digital camera.  Now, I have to say that something very Twilight Zone is happening when the kids have better toys than the parents.  I am also having to learn very quickly about parental controls on the internet.

Hubby took down the tree this morning.  I came home from work and the place looked all different.  It is amazing how accustomed you can get to a huge 12 foot tree sitting in my living room.  I think it is extremely ironic that someone who had difficulty getting the Christmas spirit in the first place is so sad that the holiday season is over.  I’m also sad that 2009 will be here so soon.  I will be 30 in 2009.  I am trying not think about it.  Ugg.

Have a fun night. Be careful. Don’t sing. Don’t cry.  Happy Last Day of 2008.


December 31, 2008 - Posted by | Family, Holiday, Knitting, Yarn

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  1. What a cool present! I’ve never thought about having it printed out. :-)

    Love the Koolhaas hat. And the blanket is AMAZING! Happy New Year!

    Comment by Bubblesknits | January 2, 2009

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