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Be careful what you wish for

I’m not sure how many people of my generation watch I Love Lucy.  I watched all the “classic” shows on Nick-at-Night growing up: The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, Green Acers, and I Love Lucy. I enjoyed them all, but Lucy called to the comedy lurking deep in my heart.

For all of those who loved Lucy as much as I do, do you remember the episode with the black eye?  It was the one were Lucy asked Ricky to toss her a book and it ended up hitting her in the eye.  She ended up with a ginormous black eye.  Later, Ethel saw her eye and became convinced that Ricky hit her.  Luck and Ricky of course explain the situation, but neither Ethel nor Fred believe them.  The banter continues throughout the show until Fred and Ethel repeat the same situation.  They sheepishly tell Lucy and Ricky, and everyone has a good laugh.

Well, I fear the same type of thing happened to me.  Yesterday morning, I was taking the laundry downstairs (it has really piled up on me since everyone has been here).   I set the basket down to open the door to the laundry room, and BAM!  There was a shooting pain up my back.  Ugg!  I know this feeling.  I pulled a lower back muscle about 7 years ago that laid me out for almost two weeks and still gives me problems to this day.  That is the pain I felt.  Ouch!

Instead of calling for help, I get it in my head that it is not that bad and a nice hot shower might make things better.  Now, we have three full bathrooms in our house.  Two are the standard tub/shower combos.  The one downstairs is a nice tiled shower with a glass door.  This is especially good at holding in the steam and making for a relaxing shower.  So, I carefully get undressed and into the shower.  It does not seem to be working and it is very painful to move at all.  I quickly finish up.  As I go to step out of the shower, the door will not open.  That’s right! I am stuck in the shower!  Trapped!  Of course, I could have been more forceful and gotten out, but oh yea, I pulled my back and can  barely stand up!

After about 10 minutes of pushing and pulling, I was able to call to Boy Child who was upstairs and on the other end of the house to come open the door.  Luckily I keep a towel hung over the door, so at least he was not scarred by seeing his mom unclothed. Edited to add: (When Boy Child could not open the door, I had to send him upstairs to wake Hubby.  At that point, Hubby rode in on his white horse and was able to open the door.  I don’t even want to know how he got the horse in the house, but at that point I didn’t really care! Hee!) Ugg! I thought this kind of stuff only happened on TV.  I spent the rest of yesterday and last night laying on the couch with a heating pad on high.

Luckily the pain has eased,  and I was able to come to work today.  I hate using my vacation time when I am sick more than I hate coming to work.  So, I can keep my precious days for next year and something fun.  Yea!  A Christmas wrap-up tomorrow.


December 29, 2008 - Posted by | Random


  1. Oh crud. Back pain is the worst. I’m glad it’s starting to feel better. So, is the boy-child still making fun of you for getting stuck in the shower? ;-)

    Comment by Bubblesknits | December 29, 2008

  2. Oh no!!! are you any better? Does a heating pad help? OUchy!!! I have wretched my back like that before, NO FUN!

    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | December 30, 2008

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