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Christmas lights, hot chocolate and Mussolini

It has been no shock to those who know me that I can be a little grumpy grouch this time of year.  This year seems to be worse than ever.  I seem to have no urge to do anything Christmassy.  The only reason I have my shopping done is because I started this summer.  I finally got presents wrapped and under the tree last night.  That was only because I could not go to sleep, and the poor empty tree was staring at me.  I have a case of the blahs.  It happens.  I usually get over it.  I just wish it would go away before the family gets here.  Le sigh.

 There was one bright spot.  This weekend Hubby, Boy Child and I drove to Mississippi to visit my parents.  While Papa Buck and Boy Child went golfing (there was golf cart driving I’m sure I don’t want to know about), Hubby, Mom and I went shopping.  I still have major issues with the public at large.  However, I was able to finish up all but one thing on my list.  I think I will be able to get that tonight. 

 After the shopping expedition, we went up to Canton.  For those of you who have never heard of Canton, it is a little town about 30 minutes north of Jackson.  It has been the site of 5 feature films including John Grishams’ “A Time to Kill” and the Coen brothers “O Brother Where Art Thou.”  It also hosts a month long Victorian Christmas Festival. 


We went Saturday night, and it was great.  It actually has a town square.  The Courthouse sits in the middle.


Businesses surround the square and all of them were decorated for Christmas.




There were display windows with little Christmas scenes set up in each. 


Needless to say, we had a blast.  After we were done looking at all the lights, we went back to my grandfather’s hose for hot chocolate and a visit.  This was the real reason for our trip.   Grandy is 85, and I have begun to worry about his health.  I shouldn’t have.  If I had to guess, he is more fit than the proverbial fiddle. 


He was in the service during WWII and the Korean War.  Growing up, he never really talked about any of his experiences in either war.  This weekend was different.  I asked him where all he had travelled.  I knew he had been stationed in Italy during WWII and was awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star, but nothing much more than that.  Come to find out during WWII, he was with the 10th Mountain Division in Northern Italy.  In late April 1945, he was on R&R.  He was looking through his field glasses across Lake Como when he saw a commotion but did not know what was going on.  A couple of days later, he read in the Stars and Stripes (the official newspaper of the U.S. Armed Forces) that Benito Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci, had been arrested that day near the lake.  Can you believe it? My grandfather watched Mussolini get arrested.  Wow!  I wish I had more time to visit and hear stories.   


December 16, 2008 - Posted by | 101 in 1001, Family, Holiday

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  1. That’s a neat story! I love listening to my hubby’s Grandfather. I wish I could remember more of the stories mine told me, but I was 12 when he passed.

    The pictures from Canton are beautiful. That might be a good place to visit with the kids. :-)

    Comment by Bubblesknits | December 17, 2008

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