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10 Things People Should Know

1.      People need space. Now, I know at this time of the year stores get crowded.  People are looking for that perfect gift, and it often is exactly where you are standing.  I can handle it.  Maybe not gracefully, but I can.  My issue is with the checkout line.  Do you really think it is appropriate to stand 3 inches behind the person in front of you?  Good grief!  This person is a complete stranger.  Do you think they want you sniffing their hair?  Let’s go wild people.  Lets give the person in front of you, oh, I don’t know, maybe a foot.  You control the line people!  You will not make the cashier move more quickly because you are plastered to the person in front of you.  You can stand a little apart from your fellow shopper.  It will be okay.  If you don’t heed my advice, you might just get an elbow in the stomach.  If you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I have reached my limit.  Back off people!

2.      If your kid can speak in sentences, he/she does not need to be sucking on a pacifier. This also holds true for breastfeeding, bottles and in some instances diapers.  No lie. I saw a 6 or 7 year old girl in the store the other day with a pacifier.  She was pushing the buggy and speaking to her mother through the giant piece of plastic sticking out of her mouth.  It drove me batty!  What second grader needs a pacifier?!?!  I think the time line listed above is more than fair.  Boy child was relieved of his pacifier and bottle at age one.  He is fine.

3.      People will treat you the way you treat them. That does not mean that if you are okay with being treated like poo, you are given a pass to do the same to others.  Suck it up and be polite.

4.      Not everyone will like you. This is no cause to treat them poorly.  See #3.

5.      Just because someone is younger than you does not mean they are stupid or lazy. Now, I fully have to admit to thinking the youth of today are both these things.  However, I am working on holding my opinions and judging each person individually.  Though, it’s hard to come up with more than one that doesn’t meet at least one of these.

6.      Shopping online is way better than getting out in the stores during Christmas. ‘Nuff said.

7.      If you don’t know how to use a self checkout register, don’t use them. Ugg!  It is not hard! Find the barcode.  Slide it in front of the machine.  Place the item in the bag. Repeat until all your items are in bags.  Done. Simple.  A brain-dead chimp could do it. However, if you feel this is too difficult, please get in a line with a cashier and let the people who do know how to move things from one point to another use the machine.  Oh, if you are in either line, please remember #1, or it might not be an elbow but a stray knitting needle that comes your way.

8.      If there is no stop sign or traffic signal, DO NOT STOP! To all the people who are shopping at the malls, I know you are trying to be polite, but you are making things worse.  If there is no stop sign, do not stop.  Keep driving until you do see a stop sign, traffic light or another car.  This is also true for people who are shopping in stores.  Why oh why do you people insist on parking your buggies right in the middle of the aisle and catch up with your friends?  Take it outside.  Or, better yet, why don’t you make plans to have dinner one night?  Most people come to the store to purchase things not to socialize.  If you continue to engage in this practice, you too might find yourself with a sharp knitting needle in your side.

9.      Every woman who is of childbearing age should try the D.C. If you are a man or squeamish, I am linking to the reviews so you are not subjected to reading about female stuff.  Besides, this review and this review say pretty much what I would have said.

10.  Ted’s Montana Grill has the best sweet tea ever. It is better than Milo’s.  Seriously. Even hubby agrees.

P.S.  Hypothetical question:  If you have a task that takes 35 seconds to complete, why would you spend 1 minute e-mailing me a request to compete that task?  Why wouldn’t you just do the task yourself?  It would take less time.  Wake up people! Please!


December 9, 2008 - Posted by | Holiday, Random, Work


  1. check out
    I found these @ Walgreens, jut like DC.

    Comment by cashmereandchocolatecake | December 9, 2008

  2. #6…AMEN!!! lol

    Comment by Bubblesknits | December 11, 2008

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