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Saturday Fill-In #100

1.  My stomach is too big for its own good.

2.  Cranberry sauce is what I ate the most of on Thursday.

3.  The yard is filled with leaves, again.

4.  Knitting on the couch is where I’d rather be at any given time.

5.  The smell of cinnamon apple reminds me of fall and winter.

6.  Uninterrupted knitting time is what I need right now!

7.  And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to Friday I waited until the crowds had died down and ventured out to shop, tomorrow my plans include today I indulged in my LYS’s sales and Sunday, I want to finally get some quality knitting time in!



November 29, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Love the new Meez. Can’t believe you got it to look like your breakfast area! Does son and grandson really demand to be feed or was that in honor of Thanksgiving?!!! We sure missed you here. BTW…..remember how much knitting time you get in the car? Just think how much you could get done if you came to see your mama!! LOL!!! And yes, I think that the cranberry sauce with the dressing is the best past of a Thanksgiving meal!!

    Comment by Mom (better known as Nana) | November 29, 2008

  2. I wish I could have gotten out to a LYS sale. What did you get? Let me live vicariously. lol

    Comment by Bubblesknits | November 30, 2008

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