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I was driving to work this morning and was thinking about why I could not seem to blog anything knitting related.  I knit everyday. I think about knitting or knitting related subjects a lot, at least every couple of minutes.  I like talking about knitting.  Why can’t I blog about knitting?  It came to me, and if I was a cartoon character, a little light bulb would have been floating above my head.  I have trouble blogging about knitting because of the pictures.  I am lazy about taking pictures.  I hate pulling out my camera to take a picture of what I have been working on everyday.  I can never seem to get one that shows anything adequately.  It is always too dark at my house when I get home.  Before, there was a very short window, about 15 minutes right after I got home from work, that allowed decent light for capturing the colors. Now that Daylight Savings has kicked in, there is no shot.  If I have no photos, it is hard to post about knitting. 


So, to combat this problem, I came into work early so I could take pictures of what I am working on now.  It turns out that my desk is a great background.  So, Ladies and Gentleman, I present … my knitting:




This is the ever popular Clapotis.  I think I am the last person to start one of these.  I have to say that I am either ahead of the game or way behind.  Oh well.  I think I had to see one in person in order to see how truly beautiful this pattern could be.  The good people at Brooks Farms had a sample knit up at SAFF.  I knew that this was something I had to have.  It had enough drape that it can be worn as a large scarf or a wrap.  I am drawn to over-sized scarfs right now, so this is perfect.  I think it is going to be pushed to the back burner for awhile so I can work on this:




Mitered squares.  I have never done one before, and I am having such great fun with this project.  It is a Christmas present, so I have to be vague; but I love being able to play with colors.  They remind me of the leaves outside.  It is awesome to be working on you knitting and step outside and see the exact same colors in the trees.




I am adjusting the pattern a bit from Kay and Ann’s instructions.  I am using the same decrease pattern on every right side row instead of alternating it.  Because I can only knit a couple of rows at a time at red lights and such, I kept getting lost on which one I should do.  I can’t see too much differnce in this one and the “right” ones, so I am going to stick with it.


While I am enjoying these, I think I have a new (hopefully brief) passion … stitch markers.  I wanted to have pretty stitch markers but could not bring myself to pay $20 for something I could make myself.  So, I decided to try to make my own.  They are awesome to use!




This one was one of my first attempts.  I have gotten better, but this is the one I have with me today.  All I want to do at night is make more!  I feel so artistic when I do!


Off the subject of knitting, I have to share a new product.  I am a Diet Coke junkie.  I am trying to cure my habit, but it is tough when lack of caffeinein the morning is essential to proper functioning for the rest of the day.  However, I have discovered something that gets my day started without having the jittery nerves that often accompany soda.




This stuff is great!  It is not too sweet, and it only has 50 calories in the 12 oz bottle.  Apparently the energy in Cranergy comes from green tea extract and B-Vitamins.  Great and wonderful pick-me-up.  This one is Raspberry Cranberry, but it also comes in straight cranberry.  The funny thing about this product is the packaging.  It comes in individual bottles and a large family size.  Usually, I buy the larger version because it is less expensive and less wasteful.  However, the individual bottles are actually more economical, at least where I purchase mine.  Either way, I think you should try it. 



November 12, 2008 - Posted by | Knitting, Random, Yarn

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  1. I keep saying that I’m going to knit a Clapotis, but I still haven’t managed to get around to it. lol
    The stitch marker is really pretty, too!

    Comment by Bubblesknits | November 12, 2008

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