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The one where Franklin puts me on his blog

I woke up this morning went to work, yuck, and checked my e-mail.  The first one was from Mrs. S congratulating me on my picture.  What picture, you ask?  Why, the picture Franklin coaxed out of me two weeks ago.  Go look.  I am on the second row, third from the left.  When I first saw it, the first thing I thought was how much I look like my little brother.  Well, I guess he looks like me since I am older.  Hum.

 In other news, I am leaving today for SAFF.  I am super excited. I have never been to a fiber festival before.  It is #42 on my list, and I am shaking with my excitement to leave.  Hubby is graciously driving me.  That means I can get a bunch of knitting done on the way over and on the way back.   Oh, oh, oh, I can’t wait for tomorrow!  I am also offering an invitation for anyone who recognizes me to introduce yourself. I am super shy and probably won’t do it myself.  I would love to meet new knitter friends.

 One more thing. I was playing around with WordPress the other day.  I discovered that comments can end up blocked as spam even if they aren’t.  I did not realize I could unspam them.  So, I want to apologize to anyone who commented and it did not show up.  I will be checking from now on, so please comment.  I love to read them.

 In case I can’t get to a computer this weekend, have a good one.



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