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Project Runway and the scarf that never ends

I was finally able to watch Project Runway on the actual night it airs.  This episode restored my enjoyment of the show.  The challenge was to create an innovative (they use that word entirely too much) design  with materials used to make Saturn cars.  That is correct, car parts.  The designers had to work with seat belts, floor mats and seat cushions.  They did a really good job, too.

How cool is that?  If I had not known what the challenge was, I would never have thought this was made from car parts! That is not all, look at the winner of the challenge:

This is made out of seats and frayed seat belts.  Really neat.  This one is my favorite, though:

Ignore the ugly look on the model’s face.  That entire jacket is made out of seat belts!  It looks so amazing. I am half tempted to start breaking into cars to snatch people’s seat belts.  Good work Project Runway.  You have kept a viewer, at least for one more week.

In knitting news, I have started another project.  I have faith that this will be a great finished object, but it is going to take me a loooooong time to finish.  The other week I was in my LYS.  The lovely proprietress had recently gotten a shipment of Smooshy sock yarn.  There were the most yummy fall colors.

I do not wear socks often enough to knit myself a pair, but I had to have this yarn.  That is when I decided I would knit a scarf that would capture the 1 week in Alabama where the leaves were turning red, gold, burgundy and rust.  At first, the plan was to randomly stripe until the scarf was long enough.  Then, somehow, I got it into my head that vertical stripes were the way to go … in fingering weight yarn.  So, I dutifully cast on stitches until my circular needle was full.  I think this scarf is going to me 10 feet long, but I am not casting on that many stitches again.  It took me 1 1/2 hours to work one row in garter stitch.  Oh well, it will be my epic project, but I know it will be beautiful.


August 28, 2008 - Posted by | Knitting, TV

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