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First, have you been watching the Olympics? The opening ceremonies were spectacular. The most impressive thing was the fact that it was all preformed by people. According to the broadcasters, there were 15,000 participants and no one person was repeated. Is that not amazing? 15,000 people moving in sync for hours. There were no mistakes. There was no one person that stood out from another. It was impressive. While the theatrics were extraordinary, the thing I like most was the painting. The fact that they used their dance movements to paint is quite innovative. Also, the way they set up it up where the athletes walked across and added color was great. It inspired me in all kinds of ways. I sincerely hope that the painting will be displayed. It is very moving.

Second, when I signed up to participate in the Ravelympics, I though it would be great knitting time. No one would look down on me for letting the house work slide. Dinners of cereal would be okay. After all, the Olympics only come every four years. There are world records being broken. It is a special time, and it is only 17 days. The dust bunnies can’t build an army to take over the house in 17 days. It is perfect knitting time. I never thought the official Olympics would interfere with my knitting. It is, a lot.

I picked three projects that are fairly simple on the knitting scale. One is a pair of socks using the basic recipe, though I am working the rib all the way down the leg and foot. I have not done this before; however, I am completely familiar with the K2, P2 concept, so I think I am okay there. I have made this my travel/work project. It was really great this morning when I was stuck in traffic trying to get Boy-child to his first day of school. Before all of you out there gasp at someone knitting in the car, I was not driving. I don’t think moving 2 miles in 30 minutes constitute driving. Since this is a strictly out of the house project, it is fine. See…

The third project is for later. It is not a Christmas tradition project, so it will be saved until last. From the project pages I have seen on Revelry, people say this is a fairly easy project. Many have finished in a couple of days. Since it is worked with garter stitch on bulky yarn, I have confidence these will be finished in a timely manner.

No, the problem I am having is with project 2. See, after I had finished a couple of inches on the socks, I thought I would take a break by reviewing the pattern for the Koolhass hat (project #2). While it did not look difficult, it did have many cables. This immediately makes it ineligible for a travel/work project. No problem, I will just make it my project to work on while watching the games. It will be fun. There is always talking in-between the events. It will be fine. Yea, not so much. The poor yarn, Berocco Ultra Alpaca, is starting to take offense I think. It has been ripped back three, count them, three times!

The first time I finished the 1 1/4″ of rib in record time. It probably had something to do with all the practice I had done on the sock leg. But, I digress. I worked the first repeat on the cable pattern and thought I was kicking along fine. That is, until Michael Phelps won his first gold metal. After that things went down hill. I looked at the hat and it looked funny. Thinking I had not gotten far enough for the pattern to show itself, I diligently continued working. By the third row of the second repeat, I knew I had done something seriously wrong. The stitches were not coming out even and it did not look good to boot. That puppy got frogged all the way back to the ribbing. I knew it was right.

So, I started again. This wool is incredibly soft, and I have chosen a beautiful color. It is a green and brown mix that shifts depending on the light. Yum. The only thing is that it does not like to show me where the stitched are hiding. Don’t get me wrong, it is a pleasure to work with when I am doing every thing right. If I make a mistake, it likes to play hid and seek. That is how the hat went from my needles to a big pile on the floor. On a good note, I got to play with my swift and ball winder which is always fun. And by fun I mean watching me wind a really messy ball that will probably cause me troubles in the long run. I did not have the patience to unwind and fix it, so it is hiding in the basket by my chair instead of proudly being displayed on the table while it is knit.

Attempt number three was undertaken last night while watching swimming and women’s gymnastics. I really hope they get it together. Gymnastics is my favorite event. The women are so graceful, and the men are so powerful. It is great to watch. I just hope the US women’s team will shake off the mojo they had last night and come back and perform how I was them perform in the trials a month ago.

This was probably not the best time to start; but I did it anyway. Somehow, it as gone smoothly. Even while watching the US men’s relay team beat the pants off the smack talking French. (woo Hoo!) Because I had to stay up and watch Michael Phelps, I was able to finish two whole repeats of the pattern. It is looking good. I was concerned with my yarn choice at first. The pattern is not coming out as crisp as it would with another yarn, but I like it. I think the color would not be as pretty without the softness. What do you think?


August 11, 2008 - Posted by | Holiday, Knitting, TV

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  1. The yarn is BEAUTIFUL!! I enlarged the photo to be able to see it better. I see why you love the color so much. I’m glad you got to play with your ball winder and swift. You don’t talk about it much anymore.

    Have “boy child” call his Nana and report on first day of school.

    I haven’t enjoyed the Olypics so much since Atlanta hosted, and that was only because I got to go. Before that, I remember how much fun it was to watch Greg Luganous (sp?) with your brother. That was fun, too. But, I don’t know why I’ve enjoyed this one so much. Maybe it ws that amazing opening ceremony. The painting and the blocks were my favorite. AMAZING!!!

    For your knitting…….go for the gold!!! Enjoy!!!!

    Comment by Mom (better known as Nana) | August 13, 2008

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