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Friday Fill-In

Friday Fill-Ins #80

1.   Oh, I can’t wait until I have a Mint Thin Girl Scout Cookie Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

2.   Water is the first thing I see when I open my refrigerator.

3.   I never leave home without my knitting (duh!).

4.   If I were a condiment, I would be salsa because I am one hot jalapeno (on a stick).

5.   Passive-Aggressiveness is really high up on my list of pet peeves.

6.   The last thing I thought of before I went to bed was how long it would take me to finish my requisite three sweaters before I could start on the Riding to Avalon sweater from the new Knitscene.

7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing with Lady E, tomorrow my plans include cleaning out the closets and Sunday, I want to sleep!


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Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you …

I have decided all knitting magazines (especially Interweave Knits), books, pamphlets and definitely Ravelry are the Knitter’s version of the seductive lights of Vegas to a gambler and an unattended store to a shoplifter.  They are enablers for very serious conditions that afflict Knitters around the world: stashophrenia, fiber fever, starteritis, wooloholism.  Now, I can fight the wooloholism unless there is a sale.  I have never have fiber fever.  My stashophrenia is too far gone.  I am terminally ill.  However, I can usually keep my starteritis under control.  This is due in part of my need to knit for everyone else.  I have a feeling that the the normal advise of take 2 Noro and call me in the morning may not work in this instance.   

I remember the first time I discovered the magazine Knitscene.  I was in the process of becoming a Knitter.  Everyone who is a knitter knows the distinction between someone who knits and a Knitter.  I had just learned about knitting magazines when I found this one.  Now, I loved the photography, but was less than enthusiastic about the patterns.  They were to conceptual and trendy.  I was a fairly slow knitter and did not want to spend that much time on something that would look dated a month after I finished it.  So, I decided not to add it to my subscription list.  Instead, I choose to look at the issue as it come out and decide whether I would purchase it or not.   Well, after looking at the projects is the newest issue, I might be changing my mind on the whole subscription thing.  There are so many beautiful things I want to start, right-this-very-minute!. 

This one looks so much like a $100 cashmere sweater from the Gap I coveted from afar all last year.


This one would be awesome for work.


This one I can see me in cuddled up by the fire reading, or knitting.


I don’t really care for the hat on this one, but the scarf is great.


This one is just pretty!


This looks like a great wear with everything go-to cardi with just enough flare for it not to be boring.


These look awesome.  My starteritis is flaring up, and I need help! I set myself a goal to finish some specific projects before I start anything new.  I am trying to stick with it.  So far I have been really good.  I am on my third ball of Noro for the Lady Eleanore Wrap.  With an average of 1 ball a day, I think this one is going well.  Also the other projects I want to finish all all either easy knits or bulky yarn.  Either way, they all should finish up quickly.  Maybe if I say this over and over, it will be a quick 24 hour bug. Right?


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One, two … four

Well, I started the Lady Eleanor Wrap.  Four rows down, about 36 more to go.

It is my second time to try the whole entrelac thing.  The first time, there was no redeeming quality about the experience.  It did not look good.  The first attempts at knitting from my four year old niece looked better than whatever it was that came off my needles.  I hated every minute.  I have no idea what is different this time, but it seems to be getting better.  The instructions are easy to follow, and my technique has definitely gotten better.  There are a few things that could be better.  I’m going to leave it there as a reminder that things get better with time and practice.

It is my first time working with Noro.  I am not sure how I feel about it.  I am really enjoying the colors.  All the blues and greens with a little  neutral  camel and black thrown into the mix is about the best combination.  I am not so sure about the texture.  It is a little rough.  From what everyone says, it will soften up.  I am going to trust that it will.  I can not pass up having a wrap with these great colors.

I’m also surprised how quickly it is knitting up.  I thought this was going to be a project that lasted until the end of the year, but I have a feeling I will be done by the end of the month.  I was a little scared that this project would be a let down after all the waiting, but it isn’t.  It is exciting.

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Ta Da!

I can not wait to see a cute little baby in these cute little pants!

Project: Fair Isle Baby Pant

Yarn: Berrocco Comfort – Worsted

Colorway: Dusk, Wild Cherry, Limone

Started: July 1, 2008

Finished: July 7, 2008

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Ah! Sweet Freedom!

I know this weekend in the US is all about freedom and men who died for it.  However, my celebration started a little early.  Every year a local furniture store has a tax free sale.  Last year we bought our dining room table and chairs.  This year, I got silence.  That’s right, silence.  Do you want to see what silence looks like?

Now, I know this is not what you were expecting, but let me explain.  I hate recliners of all kinds.  I think they are ugly.  It also probably has to do with the fact that I had to sleep in one the last month of my pregnancy due to severe heartburn.  But, mainly, I just think they are ugly.  For the past 4 years, my husband has been rocking away in a extremely ugly blue recliner.  It has bald spots on the seat in the shape of hubby legs.  It also squeaks and moans so loud that we have to turn up the TV.  Above and beyond the noisy rocking, it did not match anything in the house.  So today we took advantage of the tax free sale and bought me peace and quite.  The bonus is it now matches.  Aaaahhhh! Beautiful, matching, silent rocking.

There has also been knitting.

I know this looks the same as the photo from yesterday, but it isn’t.  This is the second leg of the pants.  Last night I stopped right before the colorwork.  So, that is a lot of knitting for me today.  I am hoping to finish the leg tonight.  Only about 5 more inches to go.  I am right on track for finishing the project this weekend.

I will try to post this weekend, but we will be out of town.  I am not sure how accessible the internet will be.  So everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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Practice makes fair isle

Remember last month when I posted about the knitted baby fair isle pants?  Well, since I finished the March Cardigan, I thought it would be a great time to start a small project for immediate gratification.  I need practice on my knitting fair isle technique.  I thought this small pattern would be a great way to practice.  It is like Goldielocks and the Three Bears.  It is not too big, not too small, it is just right.

Also, little Evy is in town, and if I finish them in a timely manner, I might get a picture of her wearing them.  I think it might happen, too.  I started these last night and look ….

… I have an almost completed first leg.  I like it very much. I has a little pattern to keep it interesting, plain knit for watching TV, and just when I get tired of the knitting, it is time to bind off and start the other leg.  Which brings me back to the fair isle of the second leg.  Pretty cool.

I still need a  little work.  It is a little tight, but still better than my first attempt.  We are also traveling this weekend, so I will have some really good travel knitting time.  I am so confident in this that I am going to take a second project for when I finish this one.

Oh, who am I kidding?  Even if there was no way for me to finish it, I would take another.  I don’t even have to worry about it.  I know what I am taking.  I have been waiting weeks to start this one.  First I had to wait on the yarn.  Then, I got sick.  Then I decided that if I did not finish the March Cardigan first, it wouldn’t get done.  Now, I was reminded of those pants.  Once they are done, there will be many a good knitting hour with this lovely.  Only, not in that yarn.  Remember, $360!?! I wish I had that kind of money for one project.  No, instead, it will be knit in this yarn in this color (#164).  I hope this will be a good one.  I have been waiting long enough that I hope it has not gotten too built up in my head.  We’ll see.

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March in July

I am calling the March Cardigan done. I still have to sew on the buttons, but it is done in all the ways that count.

Project: March Basic Cardigan

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

Color: New Age Teal

Started: June 3, 2008

Finished: July 1, 2008

I did not mind this knit at all. I do not understand some of the directions. I can not come up with a reason to knit the front bands separately and sew them onto the fronts. If I had it to do it over again, I would knit them at the same time as the fronts. I would also knit it in the round and pick up the sleeves and knits those in the round also. I really hated the sewing up. It took me three nights to complete all the finishing. Though, that could be because the sinus problems that have been creeping up on me and hit me upside the head today. Oh well, it is all over now. I just have to wait for it to get a little cooler. Long sleeves + 90° – 100° F Alabama summers = not good sweater wearing, even when it is knit in cotton.

It is Tuesday and that means I have a date with NCIS!

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