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Things are going better with the Lady February.  I am still making mistakes, even with the markers.  I am still coming up a couple of stitches short now and again.  I know this is because I am forgetting the yarn overs, but I am not going to frog any more.  I refuse to do it.  It is too hard to put back on the needles.  I’ll just keep adding stitches until the count is right.  If I don’t accept these mistakes as character or design elements, I will never finish it.  I love the color, but I am not sure how I am liking the yarn.  The lace is not knitting up very open.  I may have to break down and block this one.  Then again, it may be good to have it less lace like.  I will be able to wear it longer into the fall.  Also, I have two sweaters that are missing buttons, because I hate sewing on buttons.  The Lady February only has three.  I can do three buttons.  Also, apparently I like working on projects named Lady Something or Other.

In other news, I have joined the Ravelympics 2008!

I am only entering one event, the Gift Knits Pentathlon.  This one is a good event for me.  First, it will give me great things to blog about.  Mainly, how I am going to finish.  Second, these are gifts, but they are expected gifts.  So, even if the recipients read the blog, it will not ruin the surprise.  At this point, the surprise is if the item will fit.  Third, since this is the year I declared I am only knitting for myself and I have already broken that promise a couple of times, participating will give me ample time to make up for it.  I have approximately 60 projects currently on my to-be-knit list.  I have yarn for about 70% of them.  It is about time for me to make a dent.

In even more news, Franklin’s 1,000 Knitter Project is coming to Huntsville.  I have already signed my model release form, and it is galloping towards Meg as I write via Pony Express.   I sincerely hope it will make it it time for me to be added to the list.  I think this is such a neat thing!  At the same time I was learning about Franklin, I also discovered SAFF.  It is in Hendersonville, NC.  That is not far from where I live.  It is doable.  To add sprinkles on the ice cream, I have family there.  I’m not going to have to pay for lodging.  More money for yarn! Yeah!


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