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disappointment and discovery

Okay. I was a little disappointed by the new season of Project Runway last night.  I expect that all the designers have seen the show before. This is the 5th season.  So, I am curious as to why almost all of them acted like they were completely surprised with the concept of the show.  The whole point of the show is to make your design creative and stand out from others.  If this is your goal, why, oh why, would you start of the competition not only taking the easy way out, but not making anything remarkable?  There were two (out of 16) who stood out and made me want to see more.  Their challenge was to purchase materials from a grocery store and create a garment using only these items.  Again, if you know this is the first chance to wow the judges (hello! First impressions are very important!), why would you choose items that are basically fabric?  Yes! Almost all of the contestants purchased tablecloths.  That is too easy!  The dresses did not even look that good.  If this is what I have to look forward to, it is going to be a very boring season!  I hope they will become more interesting as the show continues, or I will have to drop it from my TV watching schedule.  Stay tuned for more.

Oh, one guy made a dress completely out of plastic cups! It was not very attractive in my opinion, but it was pretty cool!

(Thanks Bravo for the use of the photo.)

I have also discovered a couple of things recently.  The first is the Hannah Swensen mysteries written by Joanne Fluke.  I purchased one of these books on a whim.  I was prepared not to like it, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I found it very well written.  It was interesting.  It also surprised me.  That was the biggest thing. I was surprised by the ending.  Another thing it has are desert recipes.  The main character owns a cookie and desert shop.  Some of the items she bakes are included in the book.  While this is cool, the publisher distributes them throughout the book.  It is really quite distracting.  I think they would have been better served at the end.  I stopped off at the library on the way home and picked up every book they had on the shelf.

My second discovery is bamboo knitting needles.  When I purchased the yarn for my greatest love in the whole wide world the Lady E, I also got the requisite needles in bamboo.  I love them! They are so much lighter than the aluminum ones I have been using.  They are soft, and from everything I have read will only become softer the more I use them.  That is so cool.  I think that anyone who has not tried them out really should.  They are grand.  Michaels has 40% off coupons often.  Take advantage and try it.  I think you will like it.


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