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Lady E for Everything I have been looking for in a project

I think Lady E is going to be my most favorite project ever!  I am now 8 skeins into it, and I am already dreading completing this one. I love it even more than I love watching The Closer!  It is a fairly simple pattern once you get a few repeats into it.  This makes it the perfect pattern to be able to pick up and put down in between boring necessary tasks like work, laundry and eating.

I am also loving the Noro Kureyon! I know it is not the softest yarn I have ever knit with, but the way the colors are knitting up allows me to forgive a little scratch. Besides, everyone says it will soften up when it gets washed. Now, I will give it a good wash; however, I don’t think I am going to block it.  I like the rustic look.  I’m also a little scared that it will change too much if I block.

I know I promised photos.  I have been working for the last hour to get WordPress to upload them, but it just won’t do it.  Grrrr! I hope it will get some rest tonight and let me post tomorrow.


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