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Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you …

I have decided all knitting magazines (especially Interweave Knits), books, pamphlets and definitely Ravelry are the Knitter’s version of the seductive lights of Vegas to a gambler and an unattended store to a shoplifter.  They are enablers for very serious conditions that afflict Knitters around the world: stashophrenia, fiber fever, starteritis, wooloholism.  Now, I can fight the wooloholism unless there is a sale.  I have never have fiber fever.  My stashophrenia is too far gone.  I am terminally ill.  However, I can usually keep my starteritis under control.  This is due in part of my need to knit for everyone else.  I have a feeling that the the normal advise of take 2 Noro and call me in the morning may not work in this instance.   

I remember the first time I discovered the magazine Knitscene.  I was in the process of becoming a Knitter.  Everyone who is a knitter knows the distinction between someone who knits and a Knitter.  I had just learned about knitting magazines when I found this one.  Now, I loved the photography, but was less than enthusiastic about the patterns.  They were to conceptual and trendy.  I was a fairly slow knitter and did not want to spend that much time on something that would look dated a month after I finished it.  So, I decided not to add it to my subscription list.  Instead, I choose to look at the issue as it come out and decide whether I would purchase it or not.   Well, after looking at the projects is the newest issue, I might be changing my mind on the whole subscription thing.  There are so many beautiful things I want to start, right-this-very-minute!. 

This one looks so much like a $100 cashmere sweater from the Gap I coveted from afar all last year.


This one would be awesome for work.


This one I can see me in cuddled up by the fire reading, or knitting.


I don’t really care for the hat on this one, but the scarf is great.


This one is just pretty!


This looks like a great wear with everything go-to cardi with just enough flare for it not to be boring.


These look awesome.  My starteritis is flaring up, and I need help! I set myself a goal to finish some specific projects before I start anything new.  I am trying to stick with it.  So far I have been really good.  I am on my third ball of Noro for the Lady Eleanore Wrap.  With an average of 1 ball a day, I think this one is going well.  Also the other projects I want to finish all all either easy knits or bulky yarn.  Either way, they all should finish up quickly.  Maybe if I say this over and over, it will be a quick 24 hour bug. Right?



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