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Practice makes fair isle

Remember last month when I posted about the knitted baby fair isle pants?  Well, since I finished the March Cardigan, I thought it would be a great time to start a small project for immediate gratification.  I need practice on my knitting fair isle technique.  I thought this small pattern would be a great way to practice.  It is like Goldielocks and the Three Bears.  It is not too big, not too small, it is just right.

Also, little Evy is in town, and if I finish them in a timely manner, I might get a picture of her wearing them.  I think it might happen, too.  I started these last night and look ….

… I have an almost completed first leg.  I like it very much. I has a little pattern to keep it interesting, plain knit for watching TV, and just when I get tired of the knitting, it is time to bind off and start the other leg.  Which brings me back to the fair isle of the second leg.  Pretty cool.

I still need a  little work.  It is a little tight, but still better than my first attempt.  We are also traveling this weekend, so I will have some really good travel knitting time.  I am so confident in this that I am going to take a second project for when I finish this one.

Oh, who am I kidding?  Even if there was no way for me to finish it, I would take another.  I don’t even have to worry about it.  I know what I am taking.  I have been waiting weeks to start this one.  First I had to wait on the yarn.  Then, I got sick.  Then I decided that if I did not finish the March Cardigan first, it wouldn’t get done.  Now, I was reminded of those pants.  Once they are done, there will be many a good knitting hour with this lovely.  Only, not in that yarn.  Remember, $360!?! I wish I had that kind of money for one project.  No, instead, it will be knit in this yarn in this color (#164).  I hope this will be a good one.  I have been waiting long enough that I hope it has not gotten too built up in my head.  We’ll see.


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