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Sheri, to answer your question ….

I was catching up on Sheri’s blog over at the Loopy Ewe. She posted some questions that they think about when they are packing orders. Because I am tired and we just got home, I am going to cope out a little by answering her questions here.

1. How many people hide stash from husbands or significant others? (Elf Marianne says the trunk is a great place to hide stash. Not that we’re encouraging that.)

I don’t really hide it, but I definitely don’t tell everything I acquire. I don’t think this is really hiding, is it?

2. What is the sneakiest place you’ve ever stashed yarn?

I don’t have to be sneaky. I have a whole room dedicated to my stash.

3. How do you find the time to F5 for Wollmeise Sneak Ups? (Many of us would rather be F5-ing than cleaning house, for instance.)


4. Do you knit at stop signs?

At stop signs, red lights, drive through, traffic jams ….

5. Who blogged about a Jitterbug project lately that has everyone buying the same colors this week?

???? Though I think this is really cool that someone could blog about something and make everyone else want to have it too.

6. How close do you cut it when knitting on a deadline? (We get emergency calls. We know.)

I have gifted a still damp from blocking FO. Hey, I finished knitting it, That is done in my book.

7. Speaking of emergencies, has anyone had a true knitting emergency? Other than a deadline or a birthday gift that you needed yesterday?

My dear husband would claim I stabbed him with a DPN; however, I say he fell on it.

8. How many projects have you started and not yet completed? (Some of you may take the Fifth on this.)


9. What is your favorite colorway name? (We liked Blended Frog, in a weird sort of way.)

Raspberry Latte

10. What kind of funny looks have you received when posing Little Loopy or the Loopy Postcard for taking photos? (Elf Donna had someone call her a freak when she did this out in Colorado.)

I haven’t been able to do this because my finances and Loopy Ewe’s stock never seems to match up.

11. Have you ever had your order shipped to someone else’s house (or your work) to keep it a secret?

I always ship to the office, not because I want to hide it but because I can not wait until I get home to fondle my new stash. It also helps with #1. Though I still say that omitting the discussion of my purchases is not the same thing as hiding.

Happy Thursday to you.


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