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Today, I did my part for World Wide Knit in Public Day.  I knit in not one, but two, count them, two public places today.  Once, I knit at the movies.  We went and saw Iron Man.  It is a good movie. Go see it. Also, this may not count because it was dark for most of the time, and I am not sure how much of the public actually saw me.  I did get around this though.  I knit at Panera Bread.  The best part was the family across the way.  One of the kids saw me.  Then, his whole family turned around to see what I was doing.  They didn’t ask what I was doing. They just looked at me oddly.  By the way, when did that become okay?  Why do people think it is better to stare than to ask a question?

Any who…I knit in public today.  Not only did I knit, I do not have to fix or frog anything.  I usually make some kind of mistake when I try to knit in the dark.  Not this time.  It is all good. Yeah!  I hope you all went forth and knit today.


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