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1. I finished the latest Sisterhood book a few minutes ago. It was a fun light read. If you haven’t tried it, start from the beginning an have a good time.

2. I am starting this book, now. I am really excited about this one, because it combines three of my loves: knitting, reading, and mysteries. This, too, is a series. The previous books were good. Again, I have to recommend this series. Later, I will try to analyze why the books I enjoy the most are series.

3. The Black Purl socks have turned into Black Purl Fingerless Gloves. I know! so much more pirate like than socks. I think I’m channeling Captain Jack Sparrow. “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.”

4. Don’t forget Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public day. Knit your way throughout your respective cities.

5. Go look at the knitted music video. It is really neat.

6. The back and both fronts are done on the March Basic cardigan. I need to finish it this weekend because the yarn for my Lady Eleanor Stole is on the way to me! It should be here on Thursday. I think my tush and my couch will be spending a lot of time together next weekend. I am so excited to start, I do not think I can do anything else besides starting this beautiful project. Yea!

7. I ordered a few books from my son’s summer reading list. While I was at it, I added this little beauty for myself. Again, I am so excited. Again, I love Ravelry. I previewed the patterns and they are lovely. Several are also in my queue.

Have a great Thursday night and a good Friday morning.


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  1. OHHHH! I like the sweater on the cover of Inspired to Knit book. YUMMY!

    Comment by Mom (Beter known as Nana) | June 13, 2008

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