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My LYS called today and my yarn for this sweater (scroll down) came in today.  I am excited to start working on this one, but I know it is going to be a long process.  I am actually going to swatch for this one.  (gasp!) I know, I know.  I am committed to trying to duplicate this one as closely as I can, though.  I am not sure I could wing it without a swatch.  Hopefully I can do it.

While I was picking up my ordered yarn, I also picked up a couple of skeins of this.  I know I have sworn off synthetic yarns, and I also said I was only going to knit for myself.  Having said that, I am planning on working this little project up in the near future.  I know I am not even close to fitting into these pants.  Little Evy is though.  Evy’s mom even approved the color choices.  I personally like charcoal gray, but some parents will not dress their children in such a dark color.  Any who, they did not have the colors in the yarn listed in the pattern.  Right next to it, there was the Comfort.  It is so incredibly soft, and all three colors were available.  I think this will work out better in the end.  Little Evy can wear them sooner.

I am still working on the March Cardigan.  It is going well.  I have the back, left front and half the right front done.  I think this one is going to be a keeper.  Not being the most responsible in the photo taking and posting area, today, I will include a post on the “Lit” part of Knit Lit.

Fern Michaels has a series, the “Sisterhood Series.”  I started roughly at the beginning of this series being published.  I anxiously await each new book.  When I got to the end, I was sad.  It seems like I was not the only one.  Apparently so many fans and the author herself did not want to let these characters go, so she continued.  I have finished the first two in the extended series and am working on the third.  They are really good.  The basis of the first part of the series was revenge.  There are seven women.  Six have been wronged in some way, not only by abusers but by the justice system as well.  The seventh is the organizer who brings them together as the Sisterhood.  Throughout the course of the series, they enact their revenge on their abusers by going around the justice system.  They become vigilantes.  Once all members of the Sisterhood have been avenged, the series ended. The second part of the series picks up as the Sisterhood is now taking requests.  They are vigilantes for hire.  They are righting wrongs.

I am not sure any of this could actually take place in the real world, but it is great to cheer on strong women.  This series all boils down to strong women.  I guess that is why some of my favorite books are my favorites.  They have strong females.  Scarlett O’Hara, whether you agree with her choices, is a strong female.  Lt. Eve Dallas, in the “In Death” series is a strong female.  These two examples take it to the extreme, but it much better than the helpless female stereotypes.

Most importantly, this series is fun.  It is well written, and it is entertaining.  As much as I am enjoying it, I can’t wait to start this.  It came in the mail a couple of days ago.  I’m excited!


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