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The Dollar and a Half Cardigan is not destined to become my next sweater. Apparently I am having gauge issues between the reverse stockinette panel and the lace panel.  It is puckering so badly, I feel like I am making ruffles.  Not the best look over what will be the hip portion of the sweater.

I could change to larger needles when I get to the lace parts, but that would mean I would have to carry around two sets of needles. I do not think I like this pattern enough to be that fiddly with it. It might have straightened out with a good blocking, but I have yet to block one project in all the years I have been knitting. Well, there was the one slacker attempt at blocking on this hat for my brother last Christmas. Unfortunately, I did not think to take pictures of that unfortunate incident. Needless to say, the hat did not fit (It was my first attempt at fair isle.), and his head was a little damp. Any way I look at it, this project is a big no for me. I do not like it enough to work around the problems.

I do that alot in my life. I like to quantify things. I look at a situation and ask myself if I am willing to put up with the bad side in order to get the good side. It works, too. I really don’t have trouble making decisions of any kind when I use this method. For example, if I am out shopping and I see this really great pair of boots. I like them. They fit well, and they work with many outfits. The only catch is that they cost $300. Now, if you live in the movie Sex and the City, this is not such a big deal. However, in my world, $300 for shoes is not an every day occurrence. So, using my personal decision making method, I ask myself, “Do I like these boots $300 worth?” This little question encompasses the question ‘Will I feel guilty about spending this much money every time I put them on my feet?’ If the answer to Question 2 is yes, the answer to Question 1 is no. I If I decide I like them $300 worth, I buy them without any qualm.  Mostly Question 1 is to get me thinking about if I really do want/need whatever it is I am looking to buy.

This system works in non spending situations as well. Let’s say a co-worker invites you to attend his/her child’s birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese. Now, you need to ask yourself, “Do I like this person enough to put up with 1) screaming kids for two hours, 2) having to shop for a gift for a child you may/may not know, and 3) give up the time you would have been shopping/sleeping/getting a manicure?” If the answer is yes, take two aspirin and go see a life size rat. If the answer is no, make other plans for the same time so you do not have to lie about why you are not able to go.

The key to this system is honesty. You have to be honest with yourself in these situations. You do not rationalize. You do not take into consideration what you think you “should” do. You do not take into account what your Mom/Aunt/Friend/Neighbor’s Cousin’s Sister thinks about whatever it is you want to do/not do. You have to honestly decide what you want. After that, you can make the decision and very rarely have to worry about if you made a mistake. The only times I feel bad about a decision is when I 1) lie to myself or 2) put other’s opinion/wants above what I know I want/need/can handle. Now, that is not to say that I never do anything I would rather not for someone else. I look at the situation and often decide my desire to make the other person happy outweighs the bad stuff. Make sense?

There are some situations that do not require much thought, though. There are some things that are no brainers.  Here is an example.  See this sweater …

I did not knit this one. (I could, though.) This little gem was for sale at Anthropologie for $118.  Like the boots mentioned above, a little steep for a sweater.  However, I purchased it for the grand total of $9.95.

I did not have to do any question asking on this one.  I snatched it up right quick.  Next up …

Now,  I know it may not show up very well in this photo, but these …

… will be removed and saved for some cute kiddie project.  You know, when I am done with the whole I-am -only-knitting-for-myself time span.  I do not mind having to do a little alteration of this sweater, because like the previous one, I only spent $9.95.

Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  It was originally $128.  I had to take pictures as proof, because who would believe it?


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