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The “surprise” in the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

According to Ravelry, there are 2942 projects listed for the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket.  This tells me I am waaayyy behind the times in regard to my classic knitting.  I have a perfect opportunity to catch up.  A new granddaughter is due sometime this summer to an attorney at work. Great! I now have a reason to try out this great pattern.  I found one lonely skein of Lorna’s Laces in colorway Buck’s Bar on sale at my LYS.  It is a very pretty mix of blues, purples and teal.  I think it is perfect for a baby girl.  I am ready to go!

So, last Friday night I started on my very first Baby Surprise Jacket.  The surprise came very quickly, and it was not the surprise I was hoping for.  I am an idiot.  I have no idea how I ever got past 3rd grade math. (and I know this because my son is in 3rd grade and his math homework is often difficult)  Apparently I can not count past 10.  I had to start this dang project 8 times.  I have had to tink back I can’t count how many time.  Again, this might be an indicator that this pattern is going to be a problem for me. Now, I will fully admit that the fault is mine. It has to be my fault.  There are thousands of knitters out there who have completed this pattern, often repeatedly without any problems.  It has to be me, because I highly doubt that only the Mensa knitters can get through this pattern.

I think I am about 1/2 way through it now.  I seriously hope that this comes out.  I can not fail on this pattern.  Also, I hope I don’t run out of yarn.  Oh well, I can always frog it and add a stripe.  We’ll see.

May your knitting be full of surprises…the good happy kind.


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