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Happy Earth Day!

I know people love to see pictures of knitting, completed projects, or yarn porn. I know my posts have been a little light on photos, and I do apologize. I wish I could claim poor lighting, but it has been sunny and warm. I wish I could claim a broken camera or dead batteries. My camera is fine. The batteries are about dead, but I have fully charged replacements in the drawer six feet away. The fact is I am lazy. Yup. I admit it. I do not want to get up and take pictures of my yarn or my projects. Hopefully I will overcome this in the next few days.

On a side note, Happy Earth Day. While I do not believe we are in an environmental crisis, I do think that as human beings we tend to be careless. I think that if everyone did just a little bit, we would be better off. Me, I changed the light bulbs to those special twisty ones that save energy. They work too! We used to buy the 75 watt bulbs. They are now replaced with 16 watt, and they are brighter. I purchased several grocery bags made form recycled material. I use them every time I grocery shop. The coolest thing is they hold more than the plastic ones. I can get two gallons of milk in one bag! I can get a week worth of groceries into 6 recycled bags. Not only am I helping the environment, I only have to carry 6 bags upstairs. If you are interested in getting your own bags, most Wal-marts have them. Most grocery stores carry them now. Or, you can check out the cool bags over at Aunt Purl’s blog.

Happy Earth Day to you!


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