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I know at some point in our history, shopping was an experience. Women would get dresses in their Sunday best, including hats and gloves. (On an aside, when did this custom go out of fashion. I look good in hats; however, I never wear them. Though I am super glad that we are no longer required to were pantyhose. Ugg!) They would make the drive into town and spend the day with other women. They would lunch and shop some more. This was an experience. There were salespeople who knew their customers by name. They would put a dress aside for Mrs. Jones because purple is her favorite color. Or they would call Mr. Smith to tell him that Mrs. Smith admired a hat in the store last Saturday and wouldn’t it be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Coffee and tea were a common sight next to the dressing rooms. Not only were these people customers, they were friends.

As time progressed, customers were no longer friends, but they were “always right.” Soon, as the small business was pushed aside for big business, the customer was no longer right but someone to be dealt with in order to stay in business. They were not to be waited on or pampered. Customers were to be tolerated. The “service” in customer service is all but gone in the world.

I admit that not all my yarn purchases are from my LYS. I do purchase much yarn here. I love the feel that this shop has and the staff projects the feeling of that old time shopping experience without being overbearing. I am on a budget, however, and I am forced to look for yarn at cheaper prices. This brings me to Little Knits. I ordered several skeins of Cotton Fleece this weekend. (At an outstanding price I might add.) This afternoon, I received a call from a very nice lady at Little Knits. She was very sorry to tell me that one of the colors I had ordered was no longer in stock, did I want to choose another color. She then helped me pick out a new color. I was astounded. This store in Seattle, Washington (I am in Birmingham, Alabama) called me to tell me that they were sorry, but the color of yarn I ordered did not arrive in there weekly shipment. I know that there are people out there that this is nothing new. However, I am not accustomed to such graciousness in the retail industry, especially when ordering online. They could have sent an email, or they could have sent my order with a note on the invoice stating the remainder of my order was no longer in stock. This is how most online shopping is conducted today. This lovely shop took time out of their day to call me, apologized for any inconvenience and attempt to make things right. I am very impressed. They have a loyal customer in me. And I encourage everyone who buys yarn to check them out. You will not regret it.


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