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Little less conversation, a little more action please

Please excuse the lack of posting as of late.  I have not had much time do any serious knitting.  I did finish the Coco Kiss socks.  They were gifted to by adoring husband, and he loves them.  They are seriously soft.  I’m not sure what they are going to look or feel like after blocking.  I do love the color, though.  I have never been a big fan of mixing browns and blacks; however, this combination is awesome.  Last winter, I bought a bag of Nature wool in a brown/black mix.  These socks are making me want to break it out and knit a sweater.  Sigh.  I need summer cardigans, so it will have to wait.

One mermaid sock is done.  I am about to cast on for the second one.  I hope I can finish it this weekend.  I am really feeling the call to start a cardigan from the Ella Rae silk I purchased from Little Knits a few weeks ago.  I am getting really tired of wearing the same two store bought cardigans every day.

Oh, now that I have my order in, I want to let everyone who does not already know that Webs is having an anniversary sale.  They are very quick to get yarn out the door.  I ordered mine this weekend and got it today.  i only wish that the cold weather would come back so playing with all the new wool would be more enjoyable.  Oh, who am I fooling?  Anyone who knows me knows i will just turn up the A/C.  Pictures in the near future.

Happy knitting!


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