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The Harlot went down to Georgia…

Yesterday I drove all the way to Atlanta, GA to see the Yarn Harlot. See the Ben & Jerry’s sign?  That is where the event was.  Pretty cool, hu?  There were hundreds of knitters knitting.  There was yarn.  There was a new book by the Harlot, and there was ice cream.  It was a good time.  I have proof I was there, too. Behold the slightly blurry photo:

Now, my mother took this photo; however, I want to disclose that this does not reflect her true ability with a camera. The Harlot is animated when she talks. I do not fault her for this, though. If I was half as funny as she is, the flapping of my arms might cause me to take flight. She was great. I know her insane tour has just begun. If there is any way at all for you to go see her, you should. I promise the entertainment she provides is worth any driving time you might have.

I do have to say that I there is something that comes over me whenever I am around the Harlot. for some reason, I get all tongue-tied. I do not know what is wrong with me. She is not the first well known author I have talked to. I do not usually have problems talking with anyone. However, the Yarn Harlot has some kind of mojo that makes me a goober. I do not say anything stupid. I just become uninteresting! I hate that! I guess I want to talk and be charming. I do not want to be a bother. I know that makes no sense. She is there to meet people and talk with them. This is her job. She says that she enjoys it. I am a goober. Sigh. (I debated whether to include this photo or not. This just gives everyone visual proof of my dorkiness.  However, in the name of being a good blogger, I have decided to suck it up.)

Here is me in front of Knitch, the lovely host yarn shop of the event.

Knitch is a great little shop. It is laid out beautifully; the staff is very nice; and the yarn is beautiful.

I know it is unbelievable, but I did not purchase any yarn. None. Zip. Nadda. I did buy the new book; however, I had planned on that purchase, since the Harlot asked that we purchase the book at the store hosting the event. I did want to get a set of Blue Sky Alpaca DPN in the cute little tin. They did not have a size I wanted. Darn. Oh well. I really did not need them anyway.


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