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So I was checking all my internet favorites.  Knit Nouveau has posted the new April/May schedule.  Knitting with Jane is not until next week. Uuuuuggg!  I have been taking short lunches so I could go, and this has been a rough week. Oh well, I guess I will hang out somewhere and have a solo knitting lunch.  I am pretty good company.  At least I am still going to see the Yarn Harlot on Sunday.  I am super excited. The last time I went, I did not have a chance to visit the LYS hosting the event (Knitch).  Since her talk and book signing is in the afternoon, I can check it out. I heard it is a really cool store.

Now, for the really great news.  I am going vacationing in St. Johns next month!  Yeah!  I am super excited.  I have six weeks to tone up a bit before I am going to show myself in a bathing suit.  I think it is doable.  The most important question is what I am going to take to knit on.  I do not want to take something woolly.  I think that would be an unwise decision for the beach.  I know lace is an option, but I am not really a lace fan.  Now maybe I will become a convert.  You never know.  I did not think that I would ever knit socks on a regular basis, but I do.  Right now they are my go to project.  They are just so easy and portable.  Maybe if I work with a lighter fiber like cotton or silk I could make myself a cardigan.  I always need those.  A skirt or dress and a cardigan is my standard work outfit.  I think I need to spend some time on Ravelry tonight.

I know I have not been very vocal about the “lit” part of KnitLit.  I think I am going to try to correct that now.  I have three different novels going on right now.  I am listening to Shadow Music by Julie Garwood.  It is fairly standard for her.  Like most of her books, it is set in Scotland a long long time ago.  A Scottish laird falls in love with a high spirited but lovely woman.  Even though I can outline her plot lines in under ten minutes, I continue to enjoy her writing.  It is easy and entertaining.

Book number one is Forever Odd by Dean Koontz.  Because it is a paperback, this is my carry around book.  It is the second in a series.  I listed to the first book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was unusual and well written.  I did not see the end coming.  I purchased the second and the third.  I was hoping I would enjoy it as much.  I have been a little disappointed.  I do not know if it is because I am reading it or if the story is not a good.  It is picking up, so I am not going to leave it just yet.

Last, but not least, is Rhett Butler’s People.  This is my read at home book.  At 500 pages, this is not one to carry around.  When I first saw the release date for this book, I was not sure I could wait for it.  I read Gone with the Wind and Scarlett multiple times.  I have always wanted to know more about these characters.  I waited and waited.  It was finally released.  I rushed out and forked over the cash.  I was sorely disappointed when I opened it.  Oh my gosh it starts slow.  Now, I am about a quarter of the way into it, and I think I may be changing my mind.  It is picking up.  One complaint I have is that Rhett’s role in the story so far is as small as in the original.  I guess I should have figured it out.  The title is Rhett Butler’s People.  It is about his people.  I am not sure why I thought it would be about him.  Maybe it will pick up.  I do have to say that the direction the author is taking about Rhett is interesting.  I wonder if it matches what Margaret Mitchell had in mind.  From what I have read, there were stacks of pages that she wrote but that were lost and never published.  I have to wonder.

So, there it is.  Three books and two active knitting projects.


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